Green is Universal

So MSNBC is again doing their stupid Green is Universal thing.

The last time they did this was a short five months ago, and at that time I made a post about their hypocrisy. Well, I’m going to do it again.

Right now, the anchor on MSNBC is Nora O’Donnell. Behind Ms. O’Donnell, I count at least 18 video monitors. 18!

These monitors aren’t at people’s desks. These things are stuck to the wall as decoration. There is one blurred-out guy relaxedly sitting behind Ms. O’Donnell. Surely he’s not using all 18+ monitors at once.

So, MSNBC, look in the mirror.

On one hand, you’re setting aside unbiased journalism in favor of promoting a controversial and highly contested political issue. On the other hand, you’re pumping 18 leaden monitors worth of heat into your well-lit studio, all the while telling me that I need to be green.

Can anyone say hypocrisy?

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