2008 is apparently the year to get to work on our backyard. I’ve already accomplished several projects back there, and I will have a few more in the works before too long.

About two or three weeks ago, I spotted a deal on azaleas over at Lowe’s. Jaime and I headed over there and picked out a dozen of them to plant in the back yard.

Over the course of a couple of days, I removed the old plants (trees, really), double-dug the planting areas, planted the azaleas, and scattered pine straw. Here are the results.

This first shot is along a fence that borders between our yard and our neighbors yard. We planted a whopping 9 Azaleas in there. I know, it seems excessive, but we want to fill the area in fast (one to two years). They are all planted within the specifications provided on the plant tags, so they’ll be tight but still properly spaced.

The second shot is the fence bordering the alley behind our house. There are three azaleas in this picture.

I’ll post more pictures of these as they continue to grow. :)

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