2008 Garden Update #5

Well as promised, here are some recent photos of the garden. I took these this morning, the day after the big transplant.

Here’s the herb and ornamental pepper portion of the garden. The peppers that are in there are: 6 Thai peppers, 3 fluorescent purples, and a medusa. Other than that, we’ve got six curly parsley, six catnip, six sweet basil, four purple basil, one spicy globe basil, on Thai basil, one rosemary, and probably some plants that I can’t recognize. Yes, I am aware that my catnip is down hard in this image, and in need of water. The reason is that the catnip is in a black 7″ pot with no mulch or anything to hold in moisture, is in full sun, is fully rootbound, and it was freaking 97 degrees out today. Yeah, if I were a plant, I’d want to lay in the dirt, too.

This next one is a shot of the majority of our peppers. These peppers transitioned from cell trays to styrofoam cups to 7″ pots and now to their final pots, varying between 4.5 gallons and 7.7 gallons per pot. The two peppers that are closest in view in the five gallon buckets are our two carry-overs from last year. On the left is a Tabasco pepper, which last year grew to about six feet in a way-undersized 8″ terra cotta pot. It yielded about 200 peppers or so. On the right is the Scotch Bonnet originally from grocery store seed. Last year, it barely grew. It made it up to maybe a foot and a half, and it yielded two or three peppers that didn’t mature until November, and which I didn’t eat. They were a nice yellow color, though, if I recall correctly. You can’t tell, but there are at least a dozen and a half peppers on that plant, some that I expect to change color any day now. Jaime even observed that the peppers, which were hanging down for the majority of the fruit growth, have turned up towards the sun– almost as if they somehow rotate when the time to change colors approaches.

Same section, shot from the other side. You can easily see the massive size of these 7.7 gallon pots. They took a ton of potting mix to fill, but my bet is that the results will be spectacular. You can also see that the majority of our peppers are still pretty small– between a foot and about two and a half feet. That’s about as I expected, considering these were started from seed on March 19 and germinated by about April 1. Given that our peppers grew to between four and six feet last year in 8″ pots, I’m expecting great results out of our big pots this year.

Here’s a closeup of one of the Scotch Bonnet peppers. It’s nice and big, and is tempting me to pull it off and eat it. Considering it’s June 9 and I’ll start harvesting in probably just two or three weeks from now, it looks like we’ll be eating some nice, spicy food this Independence Day.

Here’s one of the fluorescent purple peppers that I’ve been raving about. Look closely at the leaves. You’ll notice silvery patches, purple patches, and some patches that look almost pearlescent. Everyone I show it to says that they’ve never seen anything like it before. Good job, Pepper Joe!

And last, here is a closeup of one of the fluorescent purple pepper’s flowers. Purple leaves, purple flowers, purple peppers (while ripening)– what a cool pepper.

That’s it for now. I’ll be posting more pictures and information soon, especially considering that just today I transplanted about 20 herbs from 12oz cups into 7″ pots. Dill, cilantro, oregano, sage, thyme, and– oh yeah, not an herb, but…– some decorative blue fescue grass.

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