Come on, MSNBC

Come on, MSNBC!

The Supreme Court just issued a landmark ruling, affirming our creator-given right to own guns for defense. This impacts 300,000,000 people today, and billions in the future. It is incredibly important.

What is MSNBC covering? Some scumbag who killed his wife and kid.

Call me cold. Call me insensitive. Call me whatever you want.

I couldn’t care less about some murdering thug who killed his family. The highest court in the land just told the government to suck it and the people that they can defend themselves. This is more important than any individual or any murder.

MSNBC just went to break, saying they’d cover this when they got back. They came back. It was covered for less than 20 seconds. And now, flooding and weather.

Hey MSNBC, did you ever wonder why you’re last in the ratings? Yeah, this is why. It’s because your coverage priorities are highly misaligned, and as a result, you– how do you say it… oh yeah— YOU SUCK!

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