Partisan Politics from Partisan Hacks

Just about 10 minutes ago, I had MSNBC on in the background. The incredibly talented and wonderful Contessa Brewer (/sarcasm) had two guests on to talk about the election.

Some guy– Doug was his name– was one of the two guests. She introduces him and I missed his last name or his supposed credentials.

Doug goes on to wish Barack Obama a happy birthday, and then says something like “…but he’s pretty young so I don’t even know if he graduated from high school.”

OK, fine. Typical partisan crap from a typical partisan hack.

Contessa blows past it and continues on with the topic of discussion– the Republican side of Congress trying to get Pelosi or Bush to call Congress back into session to try to work out some sort of “solution” to high energy prices. She bounces back to Doug.

Doug says, and I quote, “The American people don’t want to hear partisan politics.”

Well thank you Doug, you genius, you spreader of wisdom, you enlightener. You hit the nail on the head. We don’t want partisan politics. We want discussions about the issues that attack viewpoints and not people. We want honest and legitimate dialogs offering all sides of an issue so we can make more-informed decisions. And Doug, we don’t want partisan hack scumbags like you making purely partisan attacks against candidates (who we may or may not support), and then in the same segment telling us we don’t want to hear partisan politics.

At least Contessa Brewer, whom I despise, pointed out, as the interview wrapped up, that she was going to invite the other guy (pro-Obama/anti-McCain) in on McCain’s birthday so he could tear him apart, just as Doug did to Obama.

And in 25 days, John McCain will turn 72. My suggestion for someone looking to insert partisan politics into it could include references to casket shopping, cryogenic freezing, possibly 4:00PM dinner times at Denny’s, 8:00PM bedtimes, dementia, senility, Alzheimer’s, skin cancer, and quite possibly drug-addicted thieving mistresses who take precedence over and subsequently replace a sick wife.

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