Stupid Company: Kohl’s

If you’re a regular reader of my blog (and I’m looking your way, Jaim), you know that I like to call out companies that I think are particularly bad and, on occasion, commend companies that are particularly good. Well today, I want to tell you about a company that, through its actions, has demonstrated apparent stupidity.

The company is Kohl’s, the department-type store.

From time to time, I order from Kohl’s. The only items I ever order from them are clearance items because, frankly, clearance items are just as good as full-priced items.

So, I was checking my messages just a little bit ago, and Kohl’s was nice enough to tele-solicit me. I don’t recall every giving them permission to call me at home regarding anything except my orders (of which I currently have none outstanding), but I guess that when you do business with any company you agree to a voluminous amount of fine print. I’m assuming their justification for calling me was in there somewhere.

But that’s not the point. The point is that they called me and offered me some special deal on my next in-store purchase. In-store purchase.

Now, I never shop at an actual Kohl’s store for one simple reason: There are NONE even remotely close to here. The two nearest stores to Savannah are 85 miles and 93 miles away, both in South Carolina.

So why would Kohl’s– knowing my address and that there are ZERO stores within two hours of here– call me with a deal for in-store purchases? My determination is stupidity. Do they really think I’m going to waste 8 gallons of gas ($24) to save $20 on my next purchase? They must.

Anyway, I hate Kohl’s for another completely separate reason that I won’t detail in my normal fashion in the interest of brevity. Simply put, I was given a $50 gift card. Kohl’s, at the time, did not accept gift cards for online orders. I wasn’t about to spend 4 hours driving to Kohl’s, so I held on to it, hoping they would either open a local store or begin accepting gift cards online. Well, they didn’t open any stores (even though Target opened two), but they did start accepting gift cards. The problem? Well, beyond the fact that they shadily began deducting monthly fees from my gift card, my card was issued before they accepted them online, so I couldn’t use it. I contacted them asking for an even exchange on my card for a new one that could be used online. They refused. So, that’s $50 free dollars that Kohl’s received. I hope they enjoyed my Christmas gift, because I sure didn’t.

Anyway, that’s my take on Kohl’s. If anyone from Kohl’s reads this, your policies, marketing, and customer service suck.

That is all.