Morning Uhh Meeting

Has anyone seen the MSNBC show “Morning Meeting” with Dylan Ratigan? Oh– you haven’t? Fair enough– there’s only about a dozen or so MSNBC viewers, and we can’t all watch all the time. Let me tell you, you aren’t missing much.

The host, Dylan Ratigan, is just terrible. He demonstrates one of my biggest pet peeves on a consistent basis. He constantly stalls by saying “uhh” as he attempts to think while speaking instead of following mom’s advice to think before he speaks.

Mr. Ratigan’s hedging is worse than the standard “uhh” though. His version is more “aaaaah,” as in “stick out your tongue and say aaaaah.” It drives me crazy.

Adding to that annoyance is his cast of characters, including Elliot Spitzer, the overly made-up former governor of New York who was reported to have spent thousands of dollars on prostitutes, and Contessa Brewer, who has been wallowing in overly emotional mediocrity for her entire tenure at MSNBC.

I would love to be able to predict that Morning Meeting won’t last long, but MSNBC seems to be perfectly content with their position as loss-leader in the cable news business. See: cable news ratings. They come in at the bottom of the ratings at the same frequency as Chris Matthews says “hah” or coughs on the air.

I highly doubt that Ratigan will spell ratings gain for MSNBC, apparently securing his job for life.

That is all.

One thought on “Morning Uhh Meeting

  1. On the contrary, Dylan Ratigan is possibly the best and brightest show host on cable. He is what most of today’s cable show hosts aren’t and that is exceedingly bright and informed. Many may not find his show comfortable to watch as he talks a mile a minute and can stuff more details into 30 seconds than five normal people. He is a hoot to watch as he interviews the typical talking heads that only wish to touch on their talking points and care little about the truth or answering a question with a real answer. Long live the Morning Meeting with Dylan Ratigan!

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