2010 State of the Union Chat, Simulcast, and Radio Show

I don’t know how many people actually read my blog, but for those who do…

Tonight is President Obama’s first State of the Union Address. It begins at 9:00 PM Eastern.

If you’re interested in politics, please join us over at America’s Debate tonight during the President’s first official State of the Union Address. We have hosted a lively State of the Union Chat every year since 2002.

Back in 2006, we launched America’s Debate Radio immediately after then-President Bush’s State of the Union Address, and have simulcasted every State of the Union since.

Immediately after the speech, we open up the America’s Debate Radio phone lines for 2-3 hours of your phone calls. We don’t screen calls, we give callers plenty of time to make their points, and we don’t silence people like the big boys of talk radio. We even pay for the call– 888.DEBATE.5.

Anyway, I hope to see a great turnout tonight for the America’s Debate 2010 State of the Union Chat, Simulcast, and Radio Show.

If you’re a regular ADer and you feel like helping us out, please spread the word! Please post about us on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and any of the other social networking sites I haven’t heard of yet. Thanks!

That is all.