Home Depot and Lowe’s– Competing for the most useless website

Home Depot and Lowe’s. Two stores that sell practically the exact same stuff for practically the exact same price.

How do you decide which should earn your business? Well, if you base it on their websites, you wouldn’t shop at either.

First up, Home Depot. I choose them because that is where I mainly shop for my home improvement supplies. Their website itself is ok. It’s fairly fast, which puts them waaaaaay ahead of Lowes. The problem is in some of the functionality.

I am currently building a new shed, and I wanted to put a window in it. I went to the Home Depot website and chose windows, $50 – $100, vinyl, sort by price. It pops up a window that looks good for me– 3′ x 2′ horizontal slider.

Under the window, the site says “Check your local store.” I click that link. It pops up a window telling me that before I can check stock at the local store, I have to use their Store Finder. I click the Store Finder link, and find that my store is already selected– I had selected it in the past. There is NO way for me to actually check the stock at the local store, and selecting a different store yields the same result. I end up in this endless loop where I keep selecting stores, and their site keeps telling me I need to select a store to check stock.

This is broken, unless by “Check your local store,”‘ they mean that I should use their form to find my local store, get in my car, drive to my local store, walk all the way to the window section, and check to see if they have a window in stock.

Another problem with the Home Depot website is the way they handle their weekly ads. I am on their mailing list, and once a week on Wednesday nights, they send me an email so I can check out the local ad. The problem? Half the time, there is no local ad.

For example, I just received an email from them a little while ago. “Preview Tomorrow’s Local Ad,” the email said. I click the link to view the ad, and what do I see? A page telling me there is no local ad for the week. Well then, why the hell did you send me an email telling me to check out the ad? It makes no sense. Someone in the marketing and/or IT department needs to be sat down and have it explained that annoying potential customers is not how you foster customer loyalty.

OK, time for Lowe’s. Lowe’s website– hands down– is more useless than Home Depot’s site. I have two big problems with Lowe’s website.

The first is that the site is slow. I don’t just mean slow– it is an excruciating experience to attempt to use the Lowe’s website. The average page load takes about 15 seconds according to my rough testing. Yeah, 15 seconds doesn’t sound like much, but it’s 2010. If your website is so slow that it sends me back to the dial-up days of the 90s, you need to fix it. If your current IT department can’t put together a website that loads fast, then it’s probably time to replace them. It shouldn’t be too hard– I hear there are a lot of IT guys who are out of work.

The bigger problem with Lowe’s is that, for the most part, their website is completely useless. It buries the user in useless information. Try it out for yourself. Go to Lowe’s website, hover over the “Shop By Department” button, and choose Vinyl Windows. Wait about 15 seconds for the page to load, and then select windows that are vinyl, wait fifteen seconds, and choose windows that are $100 or less. Wait fifteen seconds for the page to load. Choose to show 60 results per page, which should be just about all of the results, and wait fifteen seconds for the page to load.

Now, look at the results. If you have chosen your local store, you might notice something. Under some products, on my screen, it says “Unavailable” or “Unavailable at Lowe’s of South Savannah, GA.” Well, Lowe’s, if the item is unavailable, why are you showing it to me? Is it so I can order the item online? Nope, that’s not possible. What exactly is the point of showing me items that are impossible for me to buy?

By the way, when I do the search above for vinyl windows, under $100, I am returned 54 results Of the 54 results, only ONE– that’s right, ONE– window is available at my local Lowe’s. Over 98% of the items that Lowe’s website shows me are unavailable. I cannot buy them. So, Lowe’s, quit showing me them!

Expanding, next to the “Unavailable” tag is a question mark. If you click it, you get a popup that tells you to check other stores to see if the item is available. Ok, fine– but how do I do that? Well, I have to click the link to change stores. The link isn’t contained in the actual popup, though. I have to scroll way at the top to the change store link, search for stores, and select the store– each with a fifteen second delay between page loads. Checking other stores takes forever. Why can’t their site automatically check other stores and say, “Not available at your store, but we’re so cool that we checked all the stores within 50 miles of your zipcode, and we have it in stock at this other store that is pretty close you?” The answer is that it can– they just haven’t chosen to do it.

Lowe’s and Home Depot, the competition that I have observed, in terms of your websites, is for which leaves a worse taste in the mouths of your potential customers. The competition is between which website wastes more of your potential customers’ time. The competition is for which website is most useless.

That is all.

55 thoughts on “Home Depot and Lowe’s– Competing for the most useless website

  1. Yeah, I gave up using their sites quite awhile ago, and Lowe’s was definitely the worst. I try and support Lowe’s because they are an NC based company, but they make it hard sometimes.

  2. Mike,

    Thanks for your feedback about our site. We are working diligently on further enhancements to improve the functionality of our site and to correct the things you called out. One of those improvements will be the ability to by product online and pick it up in the store. Thank you for shopping with us!

    The Home Depot Online Customer Service

  3. As someone who has recently gone through a remodel I have relied on the web a great deal to find items. I shop at both Home Depot and Lowe’s but find their in store assistance to be very lacking. Often I turn to their websites to find items that may or may not be in stock at my local store. For hard to find items their websites should be a great resource, and for in stock items sometimes a quick web search is better than walking aimlessly up and down the aisles.

    Lowe’s website is ridiculously slow. So slow I almost always ask myself why I bother. Hard to believe that a company of such size, with so many items not carried at my local store, has such a bad web site. Pretty poor design to begin with but the performance is the killer. I guess they need a new IT dept.

  4. Every time I try to price something on Lowes website, most of the stuff I look at says ‘Price Unavailable’. How am I supposed to price something?? How retarted! I’m getting ready to redo the kitchen. I NEED prices. Uh, Lowes…..Wake UP!!

  5. I rarely visit either website, and although this thread is several months old, it has sparked a rant about Home Depot.

    I couldn’t tell which store I prefer overall as they both have their quirks. I like Home Depot because of the wide range of brands they carry. I like Lowe’s because it’s just a cleaner store and easier to find things.

    My father has been the Merchandising Manager for a paint-sundries supply company for about 20 years. For those of you that don’t know what merchandisers do, they basically handle the layouts of the products on the shelves. They make sure like items are together, the most common products have more shelf space(more people buy off-white paint than fuchsia purple, for instance), and the products are “faced” in an aesthetically pleasing manner. So, I guess I’m a little critical when I walk into a store that doesn’t pay attention to detail.

    So, back to Home Depot. Have you ever just wanted a few screws/nuts or a certain type of nail? Home Depot puts these kinds of items in about five different locations. Few of which seem to have any rational thought behind it.

    Also, I swear they have a hundred people working there and none of them are ever anywhere near where they are “assigned”. If you ask them where something is, they just point in the general direction. Aisle numbers would help with that, but every retail place I ever worked at(many years ago), the number one rule was: Take the customer to the product. It makes a much happier customer and they may have questions once you get there.

    One thing about Home Depot’s employees, though, is if you do happen to find an employee near the products their assigned to, they definitely know their stuff. You’ll find a diamond in the rough at Lowe’s once in a while.

    I just visited Lowe’s Website out of curiosity. It seems the load times have improved greatly.

  6. Hey Ataal,

    Yeah, you’re definitely right about Lowe’s improving their website. I doubt that my comments made any impact, but I have noticed that their website is much faster (although still slow when searching and sorting), they no longer list products that I cannot buy, and they have a pop-up that will check stock at multiple stores.

    I just remodeled a bathroom. That meant many trips to the home improvement stores. I bought 90% of what I needed at Home Depot, mainly because it is closer, but I did have to get some items from Lowe’s. Lowe’s, by far, has a better selection of plumbing supplies, and the supplies they do have are well-stocked and easy to find. Home Depot’s plumbing supply section looks like it was sorted by a toddler. There are parts in wrong bins, and there are empty bins all over the place.

    Home Depot, to their credit, is no longer sending me links to ads that are unavailable, so that is good.

    Take care!


  7. I totally agree that Lowe’s plumbing section is much easier to navigate. However, when I need outside plumbing(sprinkler and drip systems), Home Depot has more to choose from….if you can find them! :p

    After installing an additional line to my sprinkler system and running a drip system to the entire back yard, I think I’ve finally mastered their plumbing section, though. I should write a Home Depot Plumbing for Dummies book! The first chapter will be about living in Arizona and not following my lead to always make modifications to your yard when it’s 115º.

  8. I have been a week trying to purchase a $15,000 item from Lowes. I have perfect credit and more than adequate income. The lowes publication has the wrong product number that when they scan it or enter it in their system it comes up with a completely wrong item priced in the hundreds of dollars (IE looking for a mower and a toaster oven shows up on the screen) . I spent over an hour in the store just identifying the high priced item.
    Forget finding someone to establish credit in the store!. They send you home to use their painfully slow website to TRY and get through a credit app. Well…..after hours to get through all of those slow pages, I got a 2000 credit line? to buy a 15000 product?
    I know that if I have this much trouble getting credit, I know it must be hell out there for other credit worthy people. LOWES IS LOSING MONEY JUST FROM INCOMPETENCE. Very sad.
    You would think that with all those very talented people out there looking for work Lowes could have the cream of the crop.

  9. Both Home Depot and Lowes are in competition for the absolute worst web site ever.
    finding the items you need next to impossible.
    once you find the items. finding good discriptions that include dimentions of materials.
    finding prices….
    the web sites appear to be designed by techies who never choose to look at the sites from the vantage point of a customer.
    Worst web site ever. it is close… Home Depot vs Lowes

  10. Agreed, although Digikey seems outdated and bulky to me. I find that Mouser’s or Newark’s site to be much more intuitive– especially the search features. :)


  11. What others have yet to mention is that Lowes’ website is often down and displays the infamous “site maintenance error”. In fact, you can Google ‘Lowe’s website problems’ and get a plethora of hits.

    Any company that cannot keep their website operational at least 98% of the time really should hire someone else to do it. (At the very least they should get it hosted on Amazon’s cloud).

  12. homedepot.com takes (literally) hours to load on my computer. It is the only website in the world which does that to me. It’s probably some problem with javascript, dojo, or .aspx files, resident in my computer.

    I can be found in a Home Depot a minimum of 3 times a week, Lowe’s = a maximum of 3 times a year. But, Lowe’s website works for me (kinda slow, but it works).

    SW, you’re right – - both of these companies should outsource their web-hosting

  13. I am a general contractor and have been using Home Depot for about twenty years and Lowes for about ten years . The Home depot web site used to be more functional a few years ago before they started carrying online products . If you went to the HD website most of the product were available in the store , now less than 10 % are available in the store and you have a difficult time determining which ones they are . The Lowes website is similar as they carry too much products and 90 % are online and you can’t filter for the in store products .I have an easier time looking for products on the internet than I can on thier websites . With Home Depot we have had a account for over 15 years and have purchased a few hundred thousand dollars or more a year in priduct for our remodeling jobs, we have recently stop using them as they will not allow us to pay off thier account with a credit card that we recieve rewards points with . Lowes allows us to pay off our accounts with the rewards credit card so we still use Lowes .If you ever ordered any products from Home Depot or Lowes the chances are that by the time you recieved the product the job will be completed so we don’t allow special order product after the job is started . The web sites are very impressive but useless for the most part as they have too much product and no way to differentiate in store products from online special order products during a search .

  14. both sites are an absolute joke. They provide nothing and no information for anyone browsing their site. You can’t get prices and can’t check availability, because if you attempt to do that, it sends you to the “find a store” page. Choose your store and voila, you now have your local store, its address and hours. So what about pricing and availability like I was trying to do in the first place? What a waste. Why do they even have websites?

  15. I just experienced Home Depot’s “Check your local store.” dead-end, which is what led me here. What’s even more frustrating is the generally absurd search results on the Home Depot site. For example a search for “bundle wood shingles”, (available in my local store) yielded a pneumatic roofing nailer. Frequently when drilling down on something specific, the results are on-topic but when I add one more filter the search goes completely off the rails. And the filter options offered usually lack obvious categories. I have to think Home Depot’s (likely off-shore) web developers are managed by corporate office weenies who have never struck hammer to nail. Either that or they just intend to torture us because Amazon doesn’t fully compete with them on product availability yet.

  16. Just went to Lowes.ca and wanted to search for a few simple things, I’ve never been to one of their stores before. Seems on the .ca site you can only search for “weekly specials”. I can’t figure any other way around it. So now I don’t want to waste time driving to the store for something that might not be there so I won’t go. Sign me another lost customer.

  17. Two weeks ago we could actually select our store located in Antelope CA, that’s about 1 mile away from our address. Now when making the usual futile attempt to shop or check the Home Depot website our home store is set to Milpitas CA. about 100 miles south of us. The website will not allow a change back to Antelope I know this may be a Firefox 9.0 beta bug. Yet 3 other browsers show the same bug on the computer I use mostly. What amazes me is Amazon, ACE hardware, Yahoo online and GOOGLE shopping and other massive sites I look at always work with few or no bugs. I’ve given up on The Home Depot and Lowes as far as online browsing. I long for the days of places such as Furrow, Lumberjack, Handyandy and 81 Lumber it was sooooo easy back then.

  18. Totally agree about Lowes. Cyber Monday and they are down all day. Web site totally awkward to use-asked me to put in zip code every time I hit enter. Lost a $800 sale to Home Depot. But must admit Home Depot site worked really well and had my order ready at local store for pick up within 2 hours. Very impressed with Home Depot.

  19. I’ve tried ordering two times from the Home Depot Website, and both times were a bad experience. That’s two for two within about a six month period.

    The first time, my package came badly damaged and poorly packed. It was an air filter for my HVAC system. The size I needed is not available locally, or even easy to find, so I really needed this filter, but had to reorder through a different company … on Amazon.com. As is usually the case, it came through in perfect shape, with no hassles or any problems.

    The second bad experience I had, was when I tried to cancel an online order within a couple of hours of placing it, and a full day before the item shipped(it was on a weekend.) I called twice to their customer service department, and both times was assured that the order was cancelled, and so I made the corrected order that I had intended.

    Then the very next day I get an e-mail saying that the item they cancelled, was shipping. I called again, but was never able to get through on the phone. As of this evening, I’ve written their customer service department, but suffice to say that this is the last time I WILL EVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM HOME DEPOT.COM. They suck!

  20. The year: 2012. The status: Home Depot’s Check Store Availability still doesn’t work!!

  21. lowes website is the most useless website online ever homedepot might have their quirks but at lest it is navigable lowes is the most useless online site ever can’t understand a store that has such a useless website they are losing millions

  22. This has got to be the absolute worst website ever. And from the posts I’m reading, it’s been this way for years! I am trying to compare carpet prices, but do you think I can even find carpet samples on the website?? NO!!! All that comes up is carpet tiles–11 of them! When I click on the Stainmaster link, it will not let me select the type. That’s as far as it goes. Pages don’t work, you can’t search for anything, and you can’t get prices. What is the problem that a giant nationwide store can’t get a decent website up???? I called the 800 number and have now been on hold for 25 minutes, and counting…..Shame on you, Lowes, for caring absolutely nothing about your customers. I was planning on carpeting an entire rental home we have in Bloomington, Indiana, but I will now go to one of the specialty flooring companies in the area. Hey Lowes, check out Owen Valley Flooring, in little ol Spencer, Indiana! I was able to find everything I needed and price comparison shop all while I continued to hold for Lowe’s customer service. I gave up on your website. Poor, poor, poor….

  23. ABOSULTELY horrible!!! i have been placing various orders for the past 2 weeks on their site and each time it was a headache. Everytime I try to pay it tells me that htere is a problem wiht their site. Don’t they want my money?! i am resorting going to the store. I tell you, if it wasnt for these 10% off coupons, i would take my business elsewhere.- ive spent nearly 8k with them with flooring and misc purchases and by far, i would think twice just because of their stupid site.

  24. this is the most useless website i have ever used are the price lowes charges secret

  25. home depot website sucks, it can never find anything in a search, lowes website can do a search and bring relevant stuff, while home depot website is a waste of time, its much better to call them by phone if you have to.
    i was looking for hardwood floor paint, that got me a couple of wood panels and a bunch of roof vent boots!!!!!, then i clicked on polyurethanes again nothing but some caulks and i dont know what, total crap for a multi billion ripoff operation

  26. I went to the loews site today to price metal roofing panels. Well after shuffling through their nonsensical menu I can only find accessories for metal roofing panels. So I type into a search engine loews metal roofing panels and I get several results for what I was looking for, so I clicked on one and it took me directly to the current loews site with the panels I wanted. Well I then click to check the price and it says product not found re-enter search word. I never entered a freaking search word you idiots and why are your pages hidden. So I try other links, same thing happens. It’s like they’re ashamed to admit they sell metal roofing panels. 100% incompetent.

  27. I used to be able to use the Home Depot site pretty well, but over the last couple of months (maybe longer), it has gotten worse and worse. I can get the site up, but then it is impossible to click on anything and have it load–except for billing to pay my card, of course. Nothing else will come up. This is the only site where I have this much trouble and it is one place where I do a lot of shopping. What is the problem?

  28. Homedepot.com tech support is atrocious. You go through circles. I can’t login nor reset my password, there is a database error page when I try. They can forget any online business from me. It looks like Loews is worse.

    Luckily Garden Club lets me in login normally, that is a separate and useful site.

  29. Thank you Mike for putting all of our frustrations into words! It’s too bad that Mary at Home Depot hasn’t gotten to any of the problems with their awful website yet. I’d say that the absolute worst is their joke of a search function. I’ve never seen so many unrelated items brought up in a single search, especially those listed first! I imagine that they are too cheap to pay Google or another search engine to manage their search technology. For this reason, I look everywhere else first, only going to Home Depot in person, or avoiding the place all together. Why has Amazon had this taken care of for years? Oh yes, money–that’s the reason.

  30. There is a worse website – Lowes.ca
    There isn’t even an option to shop by dept. All the website does is show you weekly specials, and let you browse a limited selection of bizzarely selected departments.

    I don’t shop there because I refuse to drive twenty clicks just to see what they have.
    I just go to Home Despot.

  31. Right now, Lowe’s website homepage comes up, but when I try to look at any other pages on their site, I get that “maintenance” message-for the last two days! Unbelievable.
    Home Depot is also messed up right now-when I try to select any sort order other than “Top Sellers”, the thumbnail images of products won’t load, and all of the filtering options on the left are grayed out.
    Also, Home Depot’s site does not allow you to filter plumbing valves by connection type or size. You cannot sort between multi-turn or quarter-turn, either.

    There are many, many more examples of things that don’t work or filters that aren’t available on both Lowe’s & Home Depot’s websites, as well as some of the quirks mentioned by others above, some of which have irritated the daylights out of me.
    If there were any real alternatives for home repair/improvement needs out there, I would use them instead.

  32. Looking online for items for a treehouse I’m building and getting so annoyed at the crapola home depot and lowes websites that I type in “home depot website sucks” in google and I end up here. LOL I’m just glad i’m not the only one.

  33. Almost the year 2013; Home Depot’s “Check your local store” dead-end. Enough said.

  34. I like the Home Depot store, been going there for about 15 years. However I’ll never again order something online from them. It takes them 3 days just to process the order, this is stated on their website so it’s not a fluke. I did get my item the day after it shipped so that was nice, 4 days total, not bad, EXCEPT my order was not complete and they tell me it will take 2 weeks to send the missing piece. I should have just gone to the store. From now on if I can’t get it in the store I’ll order it from Amazon. 3 days to process an order might have been ok 5-10 years ago but these days that’s bad when Amazon will usually ship stuff within 1 business day.

  35. Lowe’s website is very User Unfriendly! Everyltime I have to check my account, I have to put in a new password!!!!!!! Had to check my account because of defective install of wood floor already done twice!

  36. I type in “lowes.com” Home page comes up. OK so far. I enter “u bolt” into search. Two minutes later the site is still loading images. It seems to be trapped in some sort of formatting loop as sections of text appear and disappear. I hit the Esc key to stop the loop, click on a selection and the next page goes into another loading images / formatting loop. I hit the Esc button again and the whole page goes blank. I hit reload and get the same thing. After a minute the looping stops but the page thinks I am in Bloomington Indiana. I use the drop-down to enter my zip code and select my location. The page goes into format looping again. After about 30 seconds the looping stops but the store has not changed. At this point I give up.
    I cannot understand why Lowes does not do anything about this. I use the Internet daily to research technical information and find industrial components with no problems until I try to find something a Lowes.

  37. Regarding the comment quoted below … NO, I don’t want to buy it online and then hope it really is there. I want to use the website to see whats IN STOCK at a specific store, so that I can see if you have want I want, and IF you do, I can GO TO THE STORE, and buy it THERE, in person, for cash. I don’t want to buy it until AFTER I’ve got it in my hands and I’m standing with it at a checkout lane. That way, if the site is wrong, the waste of time ends there, rather than continuing while I wait for you to refund my money.

    And it would be nice if there was a way to tell the site to only show items that ARE CURRENTLY IN STOCK at the selected store.

    Or to pick an item, and instead of having to check individual stores one at a time to see if its in stock, to have the site automatically search all stores, and show the closest one where it IS CURRENTLY IN STOCK.

    Your inventory and checkout are all computerized, you KNOW whats in stock in each store. Absolutely no reason that in 2013 you cannot do this.

    =Mary on 4/2/2010 at 7:14 am said:
    =Thanks for your feedback about our site. We are working diligently on further =enhancements to improve the functionality of our site and to correct the things you =called out. One of those improvements will be the ability to by product online and =pick it up in the store. Thank you for shopping with us!
    =The Home Depot Online Customer Service

  38. Check Home Depot online. Find store, locate item, item in stock at local store.

    Drives to Home Depot. Can’t find item. Ask for help, they can’t find it either.

    Ask them to check stock…………………………………………………….. I leave.

    The End

  39. Ordered some filters for my air conditioning 8 days ago. Today I am told it will take 14 business days to process, and another 5 days for them to ship and be to me. That’s almost a month for a common item freely available everywhere including their own retail stores.

    Called the corporate office to point out the ridiculousness of this in this day and age. No one cares. Customer service was practically rude.

    May take a few years given their size, but won’t surprise me to see them go the way of other large companies that refused to keep up with the times.

  40. Bingo! You hit the nail on the head. My big beef is that I can’t determine what items are physically in their store. I don’t want to wait a week to start a project, so I would choose whatever product gets the job done. How do I know which products to choose if the website isn’t equipped to tell me if I can just pick it up. Why even have a website if your ultimate alternative is to call and get caught in an endless loop of answering machine options. Then you finally reach a person and they don’t know their products from a hole in the ground.

  41. I see that Home Depot commented in 2010 saying they were ‘improving the website’s functionality’ soon. Well it’s 2013 and it still sucks balls. Trying to figure out if they have something as simple as 5 gallon buckets of exterior primer became something impossible for them to tell me online. WHY? How can that be so hard to do? I would think it would be rather simple to tell you the truth. Pick your store and check the inventory. Sure it may be off a bit, inventory usually is… but not being able to tell a customer ANYTHING is a joke.

  42. I usually find retail stores on the internet to be accessible to all as it is a valuable tool for price comparison. USA and Canada. LOWES .com has blocked me from viewing their web US site and defaults all of my searches to LOWES.ca as I am located in Canada. They are obviously looking at my location and my searches and I feel I am being intruded upon. I could look at the US.com site by going through a US based IP address but I have decided just to not patronize LOWES at all. The more you use the LOWES sites the more info they collect on you.

  43. I saw Mary (Home Depot) said they were working diligently to fix their site. (3/30/2013); well as of 5/5/2014 (14+ months later) same issues exist. Odd how stores which encourage folks to improve do none of the same themselves. Many of the comments from other dissatisfied customers are both on point and well worded. Both sites are near worthless however I have lowered my expectations to the point where I just read product comments. One specific, I tried both IE8 and Firefox 28; neither would support checking “In Store” stock. I even called; after an infuriating 11 minutes, suffering through an ill conceived, piece of garbage, phone system, I had the pleasure of some moron tell me the issue was I needed to clear my cookies. Really? Of the hundred sites I navigate with zero issues; your site is so remarkably complex that one needs to cleanse themselves and their computer before entering your domain. Again, for companies which promote the right tool for the right job, fixing things yourself and to ‘never stop improving’ your sites have not improved. what’s your excuse now?

  44. I agree Home Depot’s web site sucks. Try to find Allan Block Junior. Endless loops of pages of everything but! I will be damned if I will drive there to check them out and will likely shop at the closer building supply store.

  45. very frustrating site, Home Depot. I am trying to spend money there, but it makes it very difficult!! I find a product I want, then go to get it and it says “out of stock” when I put in my zip code. I don’t understand this. Why would it show me out of stock items? And why would it not be out of stock until my zip code goes in? Isn’t that the entire point of online delivery — that you can get things delivered from all over the USA/world instead of being tied to one location?

    To me this signals bad design in the logic of the supply chain/organization of Home Depot. It doesn’t seem to be website limited, the website could be updated/changed easily. But the out of stock by zip code thing is not so easily fixable..

  46. Home Depot’s site has improved recently, while Lowes has remained THE most aggravating site ever.
    I got to where I never click on a Lowes google link anymore. The webpage never stays still. You get maybe a 2 second glace of it, then it refreshes, and as soon as you try to scroll down the page it refreshes again. They also don’t always post the price until you enter your zip code. Screw ‘em if they want to be that way.

    Two years ago when I was shopping for a new fridge for my new house, it would reset all my filter settings every time I’d click on a model to take a closer look. Out of frustration I gave up and went to Home Depot’s site where I bought my fridge, washer, and dryer. They are always a bit cheaper than Lowes anyway so I just buy everything from them now, even though there’s a Lowes half a mile from me. I’d rather drive the 6 miles to HD.

  47. Use home despot site only to see what MAY be available and hope the usually sketchy reviews by someone that just bought a lawn mower and used it just once but LOVES it, might be pertinent. Then, call.

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