A quick geography lesson for the First Lady

Yesterday, Michelle Obama traveled to the Gulf Coast to demonstrate that there are clean beaches, ready for tourists. During her visit, she made the following remark:

But the story today, since we’ve got the media here, is the piece that I think gets lost in the devastation, and it’s that there are still thousands of miles of beaches that have not been touched by the spill. And there are communities that thrive on tourism and on the economic power of beaches that have not been damaged. Source

Ummm… Mrs. Obama…?

Your very own EPA website states:

The Gulf of Mexico basin has been called “America’s Watershed.” Its U.S. coastline is 1,630 miles, it is fed by thirty-three major rivers, and it receives drainage from 31 States in addition to a similar drainage area from Mexico. Source

When I think “thousands,” I think multiple thousands, as in two thousand or more. If I have $1,630 dollars, I do not have thousands of dollars. I must exceed two thousand dollars to claim I have thousands of dollars.

Unless part of the whole hope and change agenda involved a claim of Mexico’s gulf coast– something that definitely would have been major news– her assertion is an impossibility.

That is all.

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  1. Nice blog. Keep it up, it is hard for sinical types that do not express themselves to relate to others. Now for a question. How much time do you save when writing it’s vs. it is? I pondered this after reading my post (how do you read a post 30 years ago, was it carved?).

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