Christmas Cookie Time!

Well, it’s that time again. Jaime and I have a long weekend ahead of us, baking thousands of Christmas cookies. We expect to be finished by Monday afternoon, when they will begin their journey across the country to friends an relatives.

I did all the shopping yesterday, spending about $140 on such ingredients as 25lbs of flour, 25lbs of sugar, and 8lbs of butter. I tried to get a head start today, making dough for five different cookies. I used three pounds of butter today alone!

There will be no major changes from last year. 12 varieties of cookies, and a candy.

Chocolate Sprinkles
Kaleidoscope Cookies
Candy Canes
Toffee Bars
Jan Hagel
Chocolate Pinwheels
Pecan Balls
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Choco-caramel Delights
Peanut Butter Kisses
Sugar Cookies
Peanut Brittle

Some of the cookies are more involved than others. For example, the pinwheels require quite a bit of technique that has taken me years to develop. The production of the candy canes– my favorite– has Jaime weighing out one gram of red dough and one gram of white dough in order to achieve the best candy cane cookies I have ever seen (sorry Mom). The choco-caramel delights require dough to be rolled in a ball, dipped in egg white, rolled in pecans, baked, pressed in the center to form a crater– which holds homemade caramel– and then carefully drizzled with chocolate.

Some of them, though, are slice-and-bake, piece of cake.

If you want to be on our list, I suggest you start lobbying us now for inclusion on the 2012 or 2013 list. It typically takes two to three years of lobbying before you make it to the list, which is currently approaching thirty people.

It’s going to be a long weekend!