Good Company: C.F. Martin & Co.

I ran out to the store a week ago this past Tuesday to pickup a set of strings for my Acoustic. I hadn’t changed them since when the Blackhawks were playing in the Stanley Cup Final, so well over a year!

I grabbed a set of Martin 80/20 Bronze Mediums from the local shop, and headed home.

Later that night, I started stringing, like I have hundreds of times before. Loosen string, remove string, wipe dust off area under string, pencil in the nut slot for lubrication, put on the new string the proper way, bring up to tension, tune, stretch up the length of the string, tune, stretch, tune. Repeat for each string. It usually goes off without a hitch.

This time, though, I was the lucky recipient of a fluke. Upon bringing the highest-tension E string– the thinnest string– up to pitch, it snapped. I would expect it to have snapped at the point where the string meets either the tuners, the nut, or the bridge. Not in this case– it appeared to snap right around the 3rd fret. Strange. It seemed like the string must have had a weak spot right there.

I emailed the company, and asked if they had any sort of guarantee on their strings, expecting them to pretty much tell me I was out of luck. To my surprise, I received an email from a nice person named Sandy, who asked for my address.

I got the mail to day to find a rather large package from Martin. Included was a replacement set of strings, a Martin calendar, a copy of their magazine, and one of their catalogs. Overall, a very nicely put together package, and definitely more than expected for a single broken string.

Thanks C.F. Martin & Co. I think the only way I could be happier is if you sent me a guitar… heh!

That is all.

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