Federal Scheduling Conflict

President Obama apparently wants to address the nation and a joint session of congress regarding his new economic plans. He sent Speaker Boehner and Leader Reid his request for an invitation that directly conflicts with a previously scheduled Republican debate.

It is expected that the president will ask congress to set partisanship and politics aside in the interest of the country, so I was a little surprised by Speaker Boehner’s response:

Boehner Letter

OK, fine, that wasn’t his real response. Instead, he asked him to pick a time on Thursday. Ouch.

The president, who must be invited to address a joint session of congress, chose to request his invitation during a previously scheduled Republican debate. He also chose to request his invitation on the same day the congress returns to full session. Speaker Boehner says that this presents logistical issues due to necessary security sweeps.

Does anyone see this move by the president as anything but a political game?

Three of the Republican candidates are in congress, and I think intend upon being at the debate. The president wants to set aside partisanship and reach across the aisle.The president almost certainly realizes that presidential candidates who are in congress may carry more weight within their party, and will likely need to play a significant role in any bipartisan negotiations. In short, shouldn’t the president wait until those three can attend? Isn’t it a political game to choose to address congress when it has been well known that three members will be in California at the time he requested?

If the president’s focus is on jobs, why is he asking that the first bill passed by the returning congress is not about jobs and not about the economy, but about him. Give your speech from the Oval. Congress will watch. These people barely only work like four months a year. Don’t waste that time with political games.

That is all.

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