Samsung support SUCKS, and they lost my business

So I’m done with Samsung. Their support is terrible.

I have been a huge fan of their printers for a long time, having recommended their printers to dozens upon dozens of people. But not anymore. It turns out that SAMSUNG SUPPORT SUCKS.

When you purchase a printer from Samsung that is a lemon, they want to place an unusually high burden on their customers to overcome their poor manufacturing and quality control.

Back in December, I purchased an ML-2525 to replace the ML-1740 that I had for years and years (and filled with Samsung toner after Samsung toner). I waited a looooooong time for Amazon to ship it, but it was an upgrade for my old Samsung– it was to be worth it.

My ML-2525 never worked right. It would never start the print job when you printed, instead going to a solid red light. Turn it off and on, resend the print job, and it will print that one job. After that, it is dead again.

I contacted Samsung on September 2 after I reached the end of my rope with the perpetual power cycling. They returned an email that asked me to complete a series of troubleshooting tasks, which I did. I emailed back the next day and NEVER HEARD ANYTHING.

I let TWO WEEKS pass waiting for a response, and let me repeat that I NEVER HEARD ANYTHING.

On Monday, the 19th, I contacted Samsung. I was given a choice of a repair or a replacement. Obviously, I chose the replacement– I do NOT want a refurbished printer, and I do NOT want this lemon back. Half of my prints were unusable, so the starter toner was wasted. I want a new printer with a fresh starter toner. I was told I would be contacted back.

It took Samsung EXECUTIVE customer support THREE DAYS to call me back. Those were THREE DAYS added on to the previous SEVENTEEN days I waited for a response to my email.

Now, after talking to Executive customer support, I am told I have two options.

1. Drive the printer to a service center using my gas, add wear an tear to my car, and risk my life on the roadway. The Samsung rep, Alisha at 1-800-SAMSUNG Extension 85109, told me she could not provide me with the address to the service center. Think about that. Samsung wanted me to drive my printer in for repair, but couldn’t tell me where to drive it. Does anyone with common sense see the apparent stupidity in their solution?

I looked it up. They want me to drive this printer to Hilton Head. That means that for me to drop it off for repair it is a 52 mile ride, and then a 52 mile ride home. Then to pick it up later, it is a 52 mile ride there, and a 52 mile ride home. That is 208 miles, or over 8 gallons of gasoline ($28 in gas!) plus 7% of the miles required between oil changes (Another $2.10 if oil changes cost $30). These printers go for $40 on sale at Amazon. Samsung wants me to spend over 75% of the cost of a new printer to get this one repaired. Obviously they are trying to make the burden for repair so high that I just buy a new printer.

Well I know that the business model of printer and ink manufacturers is based on environmentally unfriendly policies, such as artificially rendering perfectly good toner cartridges unusable to force people to CONSUME more toner, plastic, and shipping services, and I know it is the dream of every printer manufacturer to bring disposable printers to market, but that isn’t going to fly. I am not going to spend a penny out of my pocket to overcome Samsung’s shortcomings as a corporation in terms of either quality control, or customer service.

SAMSUNG wants me to spend over $30 to get my broken $50 printer fixed!

2. Send the printer in for repair. They will send me a shipping label via email (that I can’t print, Samsung you idiots), or they will mail me one (adding to the NINETEEN DAYS I HAVE ALREADY WAITED FOR SUPPORT). The problem? They will NOT arrange for pickup. They will NOT provide a box. OK, show of hands– how many of you hold onto printer boxes for 9 months? NOBODY. I don’t have a box. Samsung expects me to come up with a box to ship this printer. Then, they expect me to spend my money on gas and risk my life on the road to take their broken printer to a shipper.

As of right now, Alisha at 1-800-SAMSUNG Extension 85109 has transferred my case to some other division, furthering this TERRIBLE SAMSUNG CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE. I now have to wait UP TO TWO MORE DAYS to find out if the person that Alisha at 1-800-SAMSUNG Extension 85109 transferred me to can find a local place for me to take the printer so I can WAIT EVEN LONGER as part of my AWFUL SAMSUNG CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE.

If they can’t find a place to fix it, I will have to wait even longer as part this HORRENDUS SAMSUNG CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE for them to send me a shipping label (can’t print with my CRAPPY SAMSUNG PRINTER). Then, I have to wait for it to ship, for them to fix it, and then ship back another printer.

All told, I will have to wait at least a MONTH to get service on my printer.

If I don’t get contacted from someone from Samsung with confirmation that my brand new Samsung printer is on the way, they can expect that I will NOT recommend them to anyone in the future (check the DIY guitar effect forums– I have sold dozens of people on Samsung). Not only that, but I will take every opportunity available to me as the owner of a VERY popular political debate forum and a growing radio show to inform my members and listeners that SAMSUNG SUPPORT IS TERRIBLE, AND PLACES UNREASONABLE BURDENS ON THE CUSTOMER.

That is all.