Samsung support SUCKS, and they lost my business

So I’m done with Samsung. Their support is terrible.

I have been a huge fan of their printers for a long time, having recommended their printers to dozens upon dozens of people. But not anymore. It turns out that SAMSUNG SUPPORT SUCKS.

When you purchase a printer from Samsung that is a lemon, they want to place an unusually high burden on their customers to overcome their poor manufacturing and quality control.

Back in December, I purchased an ML-2525 to replace the ML-1740 that I had for years and years (and filled with Samsung toner after Samsung toner). I waited a looooooong time for Amazon to ship it, but it was an upgrade for my old Samsung– it was to be worth it.

My ML-2525 never worked right. It would never start the print job when you printed, instead going to a solid red light. Turn it off and on, resend the print job, and it will print that one job. After that, it is dead again.

I contacted Samsung on September 2 after I reached the end of my rope with the perpetual power cycling. They returned an email that asked me to complete a series of troubleshooting tasks, which I did. I emailed back the next day and NEVER HEARD ANYTHING.

I let TWO WEEKS pass waiting for a response, and let me repeat that I NEVER HEARD ANYTHING.

On Monday, the 19th, I contacted Samsung. I was given a choice of a repair or a replacement. Obviously, I chose the replacement– I do NOT want a refurbished printer, and I do NOT want this lemon back. Half of my prints were unusable, so the starter toner was wasted. I want a new printer with a fresh starter toner. I was told I would be contacted back.

It took Samsung EXECUTIVE customer support THREE DAYS to call me back. Those were THREE DAYS added on to the previous SEVENTEEN days I waited for a response to my email.

Now, after talking to Executive customer support, I am told I have two options.

1. Drive the printer to a service center using my gas, add wear an tear to my car, and risk my life on the roadway. The Samsung rep, Alisha at 1-800-SAMSUNG Extension 85109, told me she could not provide me with the address to the service center. Think about that. Samsung wanted me to drive my printer in for repair, but couldn’t tell me where to drive it. Does anyone with common sense see the apparent stupidity in their solution?

I looked it up. They want me to drive this printer to Hilton Head. That means that for me to drop it off for repair it is a 52 mile ride, and then a 52 mile ride home. Then to pick it up later, it is a 52 mile ride there, and a 52 mile ride home. That is 208 miles, or over 8 gallons of gasoline ($28 in gas!) plus 7% of the miles required between oil changes (Another $2.10 if oil changes cost $30). These printers go for $40 on sale at Amazon. Samsung wants me to spend over 75% of the cost of a new printer to get this one repaired. Obviously they are trying to make the burden for repair so high that I just buy a new printer.

Well I know that the business model of printer and ink manufacturers is based on environmentally unfriendly policies, such as artificially rendering perfectly good toner cartridges unusable to force people to CONSUME more toner, plastic, and shipping services, and I know it is the dream of every printer manufacturer to bring disposable printers to market, but that isn’t going to fly. I am not going to spend a penny out of my pocket to overcome Samsung’s shortcomings as a corporation in terms of either quality control, or customer service.

SAMSUNG wants me to spend over $30 to get my broken $50 printer fixed!

2. Send the printer in for repair. They will send me a shipping label via email (that I can’t print, Samsung you idiots), or they will mail me one (adding to the NINETEEN DAYS I HAVE ALREADY WAITED FOR SUPPORT). The problem? They will NOT arrange for pickup. They will NOT provide a box. OK, show of hands– how many of you hold onto printer boxes for 9 months? NOBODY. I don’t have a box. Samsung expects me to come up with a box to ship this printer. Then, they expect me to spend my money on gas and risk my life on the road to take their broken printer to a shipper.

As of right now, Alisha at 1-800-SAMSUNG Extension 85109 has transferred my case to some other division, furthering this TERRIBLE SAMSUNG CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE. I now have to wait UP TO TWO MORE DAYS to find out if the person that Alisha at 1-800-SAMSUNG Extension 85109 transferred me to can find a local place for me to take the printer so I can WAIT EVEN LONGER as part of my AWFUL SAMSUNG CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE.

If they can’t find a place to fix it, I will have to wait even longer as part this HORRENDUS SAMSUNG CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE for them to send me a shipping label (can’t print with my CRAPPY SAMSUNG PRINTER). Then, I have to wait for it to ship, for them to fix it, and then ship back another printer.

All told, I will have to wait at least a MONTH to get service on my printer.

If I don’t get contacted from someone from Samsung with confirmation that my brand new Samsung printer is on the way, they can expect that I will NOT recommend them to anyone in the future (check the DIY guitar effect forums– I have sold dozens of people on Samsung). Not only that, but I will take every opportunity available to me as the owner of a VERY popular political debate forum and a growing radio show to inform my members and listeners that SAMSUNG SUPPORT IS TERRIBLE, AND PLACES UNREASONABLE BURDENS ON THE CUSTOMER.

That is all.


13 thoughts on “Samsung support SUCKS, and they lost my business

  1. I called back to confirm that I was told correct information. Now, a lady is going to send me a replacement after I prove I can jump through hoops, juggle fire, and tight rope walk.

    My choices? Put down a deposit, they ship a new one, and then I ship back the old one. Or, I can ship the old one, and they can send me a new one when they receive it.

    Both options suck. The first requires a deposit of $100 for a printer that costs $50 less than that on sale. The second has me again waiting for a label to be sent to me, putting the printer in a box that I must find, and then shipping it. I then get to wait again for a new printer to arrive, which will actually be REFURBISHED, and not new like I purchased.

    Samsung suggested I purchase a box for their broken printer, and pay the shipper to pack it at my expense. After I drive the printer there. And pay for parking.

    I chose the exchange that does not require me to give any financial information to a company that appears to be as INCOMPETENT as SAMSUNG. I now have to wait an UNSPECIFIED AMOUNT OF TIME to find out if they approve my exchange or not. I was told I MIGHT BE CONTACTED NEXT WEEK. MIGHT. I asked if I would be contacted, and after repeating “MIGHT OR WILL” at least 3 times, I was told “WILL.”

    Hey SAMSUNG, I know you send people out to read blog posts and help customers who are not satisfied. HELP ME. Get me a new printer shipped to my door, and tell me to toss the SAMSUNG LEMON in the trash. That’s the right course of action.

    Otherwise, I would be happy to let the millions of annual visitors to my website know about your support, along with the senior citizen neighbors that I help with their computers, along with my business clients who also happen to purchase printers, along with my hundreds of friends who actively print as part of my hobby.

  2. Well…… I, too, am having problems getting intelligent support from Samsung. Thought it was just me. I was trying to get share manager installed so my samsung blu ray could communicate with my TV through through my PC, an advertised function of this unit. Not only have I failed to get it to work, after serveral software installs, I now no longer can get my Samsung player to communicate with the internet (Netflix, etc.). Hmmmmmmm.

    When I try to follow up to their email/website, my computer locks up. Why would that be??????

    Samsung does suck big time.

  3. I cannot agree more that SAMSUNG sucks. 6 months ago I purchased a SAMSUNG Blueray player with Samsung’s “Smartnet” program. Smartnet supposedly provides a user interface that simplifies the complexity of smart digital television. Well, after 3 hours of working with the product and inept supprt/poor documentation, I happily returned the product and replaced it with a different player and “Apple TV” for playing Netflix.

    Well, I thought my experience with Smartnet was over until this week when I visited my brother. He got ripped on a SAMSUNG 50 inch LCD TV, model UN55ES6150, with the same bug laden Smartnet app (pity their engineers are unwilling to cut their losses and build a product on Droid). I updated the firmware on the set top but still encountered a plethora of defects that essentially render the “Smart” portion of the set top useless.

    So my advise is this, if it says SAMSUNG and has “Smartnet”, stay far, far away and by SONY, Apply, or some other product that runs a stable and intuitive platform for smart digital television.

  4. My one month old 46 inch 6 series Samsung LED TV went blank, it has been over two months since i have logged a comlaint (no.8442785366). Despite several reminders there has been no response. Service centre man has stopped taking calls. You write to the CEO, thier office calls back saying it will take a few more days, they cannot commit how many? If it is part that needs change and is not available then it is understandable, but how long does it take to change a TV..

    I will never ever in my life buy a SAMSUNG


  5. If it makes you folks feel any better, you’re not the only folks having trouble with Samsung’s customer service.

    Approximately three months ago I purchased a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. I absolutely loved the tablet….for the whole two months that it worked. To make a long story short, I got repair authorization and Samsung sent me a UPS shipping label. Up to this point the process was fairly painless.

    Tracking online I saw that the unit was received at the repair facility in Texas. I tracked the repair status online up until two days or so before the estimated completion date; the status changed from being an active repair job to ‘transferred for exchange.’

    Several days passed and no change in status. Dumb ol’ me, simpleton that I am, I can’t see why it would take several days to ship out a replacement unit so I call Samsung at the number provided in the email authorizing my repair.

    I have to give Samsung a bit of credit here. I spoke to three employees, all female. All were pleasant and polite which was a nice experience. The first two didn’t really seem interested in doing anything other than referring me to another department. That’s alright, as long as I get an answer.

    The third young lady that I spoke with, also very polite and professional, actually seemed interested in finding an answer to the status of my tablet. After a bit of checking she confirmed that my original unit could not be repaired and a replacement was going to be sent out. Great, that’s good to hear, when can I expect delivery of the new tablet? Oh, it’ll take at least another 10-12 days to hear from the exchange department…before I can even find out what type of unit they’re replacing my tablet with. Then a few more days on top of this for shipping. Apparently I have to wait for the exchange department to make contact with me by telephone…when will that be? Nobody knows.

    You know, I really wasn’t all that upset when my BRAND NEW tablet suddenly shut down, never to power up again. These things happen at times, with mechanical things, electronics, you name it. There probably isn’t a company in the world that hasn’t made a “lemon”, probably in every product line that they make. I figured that, being a new tablet well within warranty, I’d send it in and it would be repaired rather quickly and returned in a few days similar to….oh, I don’t know….Apple…Suunto watches…Sony. I certainly didn’t expect this aggravation.

    I’ve got two Samsung flat-panel televisions in my home, along with several other devices. Those will be the last Samsung products that I will own. I will never buy another.

    Their lack of customer care and lack of concern for their customer’s needs tells me everything I need to know about Samsung.

  6. I have tried at least a dozen times to get a response from Samsung. I have 4 computers 2 tvs and a note2 phone. I am going over to Apple and maybe LG or Sony. I’m done with Samsung. Asian Honour. Ha ha ha.

  7. Look on the bright side they recieved my tablet 9 days ago and dont know where it is now. They wont tell me anything repeatedely telling me they are investigating it and promising to call me which they never do. Probably need a lawyer as they arnt interested in me or my tablet

  8. I go with the first comment Samsung printers suck, never again will I get a samsung printer. Yellow imaging unit needs replacing done that now the error reads motor stopped working turn off turn back on several times as advised, new message yellow imaging unit is not compatible… is that even possible its a genuine Samsung yellow unit, so this new yellow imaging unit has not been used because the printer has not been working… turned off for 2 weeks because it started to really annoy me turned it back on to see what would happen; new error message Yellow Imaging Unit needs replacing. I have come to accept now Samsung are ripping people off with their dodgy shit

  9. 2 and 1/2 weeks ago our 2 year old Samsung Refrigerator stopped working. I called Samsung and they had me do some minor tests on it and wait 6 hours all of which accomplished nothing. They then gave me a service provider to contact which I did and the said it would be 1 1/2 weeks before they could be out. I decided forget Samsung and contacted 3 reputable service providers in Des Moines Iowa a community of 500k and was told by each they would not work on Samsung refrigerators. I called Lowes where I purchased the unit and they said they could have someone there the next day. They sent out A&E factory service who tore the unit apart and found it to be the upper evaporator which holds a 5 year warranty so it was covered. They ordered the part and it arrived in 2 days however A&E could not be back for 2 weeks. Today they were scheduled between 8-12 am and did not show I called them and they were delayed but should be here between 1-2. BEWARE if you consider a Samsung refrigerator that there may be no support in your market. Various calls to Samsung has gotten me a “we are sorry” or what ever they said in broken English. 2-1/2 weeks without a refrigerator doesn’t cut it in m opinion!!!!

  10. Pete K: Hi, thank you for reaching out to Samsung technical support. How may I assist you?
    Bruce: I have a Samsung Gear Fit, purchased in March. The silver edge is peeling off. Can I get it replaced?
    Pete K: We have a dedicated team to assist you on the product that you are inquiring about. Please stay online while I transfer the chat to the appropriate department for further assistance.
    Chat InformationPlease wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited Samsung Agent.
    Chat InformationYou are now chatting with ‘Rubin’. There will be a brief survey at the end of our chat to share feedback on my performance today.
    Chat InformationYour Issue ID for this chat is LTK1125604423893X
    Rubin: Hi, thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support. How may I help you today?
    Bruce: I have a Samsung Gear Fit, purchased in March. The silver edge is peeling off. Can I get it replaced?
    Rubin: I see that your gear fit edge is pealing off.
    Rubin: I will be glad to assist you.
    Rubin: May I ask a few questions to assist you better?
    Bruce: Yes
    Rubin: May I know the serial number of the ? You may find it on rear panel of the gear fit.
    Rubin: May I know the serial number of the gear fit? You may find it on rear panel of the gear fit.
    Bruce: XXXXXXXXX (hard to read, but seems to be it)
    Rubin: Thank you.
    Rubin: Is there any physical/liquid damage for the device?
    Bruce: no
    Rubin: In this case I request you to send in the Gear fit to Samsung service center.
    Rubin: If you wish I will file a ticket on your behalf.
    Bruce: Can you send a new one and I will return this one? Otherwise I have nothing while I am waiting.
    Rubin: I should inform you that Samsung does not provide replacement option, once you send in the device for Samsung service center the Gear will be repaired.
    Bruce: I had an issue with a Fitbit for my wife, they just sent a new one – much easier to deal with and she didn’t need to be without it
    Rubin: Unfortunately Samsung does not provide replacement option. In this case I request you to contact carrier for replacement.
    Bruce: Who is the carrier? This is a Gear Fit that you wear on your wrist.
    Rubin: I request you to contact place of purchase.
    Bruce: They only have return for 30 days
    Bruce: It’s been 3 months
    Rubin: In this case I request you to send in the device to Samsung service center.
    Bruce: So what do I do while I wait, I will not be able to count my steps and will get fat
    Rubin: I am positive that once you send in the device the issue will be resolved.
    Bruce: So please tell me how to send this in.
    Rubin: I will file a ticket on your behalf.
    Bruce: ok, so what information do you need from me?
    Rubin: 2. Model number:
    Rubin: 3. First Name:
    Rubin: 4. Last Name:
    Rubin: 5. e-mail ID:
    Rubin: 6. Contact Number:
    Rubin: 7. Mailing Address:
    Rubin: Please provide me with the above mentioned details to file a ticket.
    Bruce: what is #1?
    Bruce: 2. Model Number: SM-R350
    Rubin: 1. Serial number, that you have provided above.
    Bruce: 3. XXXX
    Bruce: 4. XXXX
    Bruce: 5. XXXX
    Bruce: 6. XXXX
    Bruce: 7. XXXX
    Rubin: Thank you for the information.
    Rubin: Thank you for the information.
    Rubin: May I have 3 minutes of your time while I file the service request? Meanwhile, get attracted to Simulators at .
    Bruce: that link does not work
    Rubin: Not a problem.
    Rubin: I have filed a ticket on your behlaf.
    Bruce: so will I receive an email?
    Rubin: Please be online while I provide you with the ticket number. You need to contact our Voice support team with the ticket number.
    Rubin: I am sorry for delay.
    Rubin: The ticket number is XXXXXXX.
    Bruce: what now?
    Rubin: I request you to contact our Voice support team with the ticket number provided above.
    Rubin: You can contact our voice support at 1-888-987-4357, Mon-Fri: 7 AM – 2 AM (CST), Sat: 9 AM – 10 PM (CST).
    Bruce: why do I need to contact them?
    Rubin: To send the device to Samsung service center. our Voice support team will send you an E-label to send in the device.
    Bruce: why don’t they just email it to me? You already have all my info? Why do I need to call?
    Rubin: As the device is having damage you need to contact voice support team.
    Bruce: As this conversation has been so much fun, I will disconnect now. Samsung support for dealing with these issues is not as good as Fitbit.

  11. I took am truly disappointed in SAMSUNG support. I just bought the new S6 Edge 128gb. It had a very small amount of water got on the glass. It quit working. I sent it into SAMSUNG repair. The sent it back and said it was not economically feasible to repair it.
    When they sent it back they didn’t send the back of the phone so I have an open exposed phone returned to me wth?
    I called on Saturday and they said that someone would call me back from Repair on Monday….no call.
    I called today (Wednesday). After being on the phone for a while the lady said I had to be transferred over to 2nd level support. I WAS ON HOLD FOR 1 HOUR 22 MINUTES before I gave up and hung up.
    I then contacted Samsung Support on Facebook and messaged with them. They aren’t helping me either.

    Will never buy SAMSUNG again.

  12. pm
    In November I bought a Samsung washer and dryer set. Last month the sensor went out on the washer and it caused the load to go off balance so badly that it tossed the tub denting all sides of the washer, knocking the top off the machine, damaging the dryer nexyt to it and almost hit my dog. Scare everyone in the house to death in the process. I called up had them come out to say it needs replacing. All seems good but….I had to call them as they did not get ahold of me again on what to do now. Then they need the receipt and a bill of sale (theese are the same in USA) emailed to them. I get Home Depot to emaile dme a copy of receipt and send it along to them. They do not give me a transaction number but say I need that to get processes started. So I call again and wait on phone for 30 minutes to get a transaction number. I a then transfered to another department and set on hold for another 30 minutes. Once I finally get a person on the line they say the notes say the email was not received. I send it three more times and as if they can see it yet and was told they do not have access to see the emails as that is another department and they are gone for the day. They want me to call them back to see if they got it tomorrow….WTF?!?! If they do not get it should they not be the ones calling me? SAMSUNG customer service SUCKS big time!!!!!
    Tues 4:02pm
    Great…I get home to a message to call Samsung again. Call and have to hold for over 20 minutes before I get person to tell me that they got my email finally. So when I ask why I had to call instead of just saying so in the message I was told I had to hold for another department again. OH and hold time is approximately 26 minutes also. So now i’m wasting my time for over another hour on phone again to Samsung…did I say SAMSUNG CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS!!!!!!!
    Tues 4:44pm
    Still HOLDING!!!!

  13. I have an S6 I am trying to return as it was ordered buy mistake. Samsung said they would a sent a shipping label with returning info. It has been several months now and I still have not gotten a label. After repeted contacts still no label.
    You are right C A simpley evacuates !!!

    P.S. looks like small claims court is in the near future.

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