Samsung still sucks

Yep, Samsung still sucks.

I finally got the replacement for my printer. For those of you keeping score at home, it has been 46 DAYS since I first contacted Samsung about my printer problem.

The printer that arrived to replace my MINT condition, 5-month old printer is cosmetically junk. It is NOWHERE NEAR the condition of the printer I sent in for repair.

My printer sits on top of a filing cabinet in a locked room where nobody– not even my cats– are allowed to go. There are NO opportunities for damage, scrapes, scuffs, or discoloration. I had only filled the paper tray ONCE ever. The printer I sent in, with the exception that it wouldn’t print, was FLAWLESS.

I count at least 15 scratches on the fake carbon fiber top on the printer they sent me. On the handle on the front, more scratches, but these were accompanied by a stranger’s finger prints! The paper tray also has obvious scratches that they (poorly) attempted to buff out.

Come on Samsung, it has been 46 days since I initiated this. You can’t possibly expect me to be satisfied with a scuffed up dirty printer.

This is insanity.

That is all.

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