And now, a bit of politics.

I can’t resist.

The Washington Post has published an article that explains how the CIA and DNI plan on hosting a scaled back “year-end” party this year. The article describes the fancy food and served booze that our tax dollars provided last year.

It then goes on to cite Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who apparently needs to direct a little more of his agency’s product to his own office, who said:

Scaling back our holiday celebrations is just another small example of our commitment to making sure that we continue to make wise fiscal decisions across the board.

Seriously? Our Director of National Intelligence considers it to be a “wise financial decision” for an organization to throw a party when that organization’s parent entity (the federal government) is currently carrying FIVE TIMES annual income as debt?

Here is the equivalent. You’re driving a school bus loaded with kids. You’re going 65 MPH downhill, quickly approaching a cliff that can only be avoided by making a sharp turn. In an attempt to slow your bus and avoid near-certain death, you stomp on the brakes fly your hand out the window to increase air resistance. Sure, you still plummet over the cliff, and you and a bus load of kids still die, but at least you did your part to slow the bus.

Here’s a thought: CANCEL THE PARTY.

Here’s another thought: Have the party at a public restaurant, pay for a single bland chicken entree that everyone gets, and allow your employees to participate in a cash bar if they so choose.

Here’s a final thought: C A N C E L T H E P A R T Y .

That is all.

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