Occupy Savannah

Occupy Savannah is a joke. I’m not going to go into the lack of impact their protests have had. I will note, however, that during their daily flash mob at the Bank of America branch, there are usually more people waiting in the ATM line than engaged in protest.

This morning, I was driving behind an occupier. Well, not an occupier– an occupier occupies. This person appeared to be driving to the protest, indicating they were a part time occupier, also known as “hanging out at the park.”

Written across the back window of their $19,000 Made in Mexico car was the following:


Wait…. w h a t . . . ?

I hope this particular person doesn’t think we can somehow “repeal” a non-profit organization. We can rescind their tax exemption status, but we can’t “repeal” an organization.

The only other reference to Citizens United of which I am aware– and I am acutely politically aware– is the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Supreme Court decision. I’m not going to explain what it is, for if you do not know, it is unlikely that you are reading this.

Needless to say, how exactly can a Supreme Court decision be repealed? It can’t. It is a ruling, not a piece of legislation. It’s options are either to be overruled by a future Supreme Court decision, rendered moot via a constitutional amendment, or weaseled around with Congressional legislation of questionable constitutionality.

None of those meet the criteria of Repeal Citizens United. This particular individual should occupy the library, and acquire a bit of self-education on how our government works, before attempting to impact change.

That is all.

Shopping – Christmas, Grocery, etc.

1. Attention JC Penney: Shopping in your store is like hunting for buried treasure. Why should I have to walk up to one of your employees and ask, “Excuse me, where are the clothes that are not for fat ladies?” You should put up a sign that says, “Fatties to the left, minnies to the right, and everyone else straight ahead.”

Of all the dollars I spent today– and I spent a lot of dollars– JC Penney didn’t get any of them, not even with a $10 off $25 coupon.

2. Attention Barnes and Noble: If your website says it is in stock online, and I go to the store and ask for the product, do whatever it takes to find the product. Don’t tell me you must be out of them without checking your computer. If I can order it online right now, and pick it up from your store in 60 minutes, you clearly have stock. If you cannot be bothered to look up the product I want, I definitely cannot be bothered to drive to your store and find parking, only to deal with employees who cannot be bothered to look up the product I want.

Of all the dollars I spent today– and I spent a lot of dollars– Barnes and Noble didn’t get any of them.

3. Attention chicken producers: I will not pay you several dollars per pound for 15% chicken broth. At $3.00 per pound, that is the equivalent of paying $25.02 per gallon for chicken broth or, more likely, saltwater. I will not pay you 8x the price of gasoline, 8x the price of milk, or 4x the price of chicken broth, for chicken broth. Any chicken product that is more than 5% solution should be labeled as exactly what it is– chicken product. You know, kind of how people who sell fake chocolate have to describe their product as chocolatey or ice cream that doesn’t contain cream is described as frozen dairy dessert.

That is all.

Hey MSNBC, you suck at this!

Hey MSNBC, I tuned in to your network for almost an hour today– even though it wasn’t my turn to watch– to try to catch up on the news. Can you guess what happened? Nope, I didn’t catch up on the news at all.

In fact, I didn’t see even a bit of news, not even one second. Any viewers who tuned in to MSNBC between about 2:05PM and 2:56PM EST to catch the headlines of the day were turned away.

Why? MSNBC was too busy airing yet another presidential campaign speech full of platitudes, clich├ęs, and immature partisanship.

Sure, they could discuss the failing EU, the rigged Russian elections, or the two wars we are fighting. But hey, the president is speaking! Why not take a break? The worst that could happen is that some random nobody on some random blog says…

Hey MSNBC, you suck at this!

That is all.