Hey MSNBC, you suck at this!

Hey MSNBC, I tuned in to your network for almost an hour today– even though it wasn’t my turn to watch– to try to catch up on the news. Can you guess what happened? Nope, I didn’t catch up on the news at all.

In fact, I didn’t see even a bit of news, not even one second. Any viewers who tuned in to MSNBC between about 2:05PM and 2:56PM EST to catch the headlines of the day were turned away.

Why? MSNBC was too busy airing yet another presidential campaign speech full of platitudes, clich├ęs, and immature partisanship.

Sure, they could discuss the failing EU, the rigged Russian elections, or the two wars we are fighting. But hey, the president is speaking! Why not take a break? The worst that could happen is that some random nobody on some random blog says…

Hey MSNBC, you suck at this!

That is all.

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