SC License Plate # GCF 541

Hey, driver of the Lexus SUV with SC plate # GCF 541. Yeah, you, the one with the sticker in your rear window that looks like a strand of paper dolls.

Yeah, you suck at driving. You cut me off while you were driving recklessly, and failed to take any corrective action once aware of your recklessness.

We were both in left turn lanes, you to the inside, me to the outside. Instead of turning into the left lane, you swept into my lane. You left me with a choice of either slamming into the housing project, or slamming on my brakes and hoping the guy behind me was paying attention.

I honked at you. I don’t think you realized, since you were ON THE PHONE. So as I passed you, I honked again to alert you of my vehicle. I couldn’t trust that you were paying attention. You didn’t signal during the initial turn, so I was unsure if you were about to swing back into my lane.

You were still ON THE PHONE. You didn’t even look over to recognize that you were a safety hazard.

You were behind me the rest of the way because, coincidentally, we both decided to pass the exact same cars at the exact same time. Of course, I always signaled before I initiated a lane change, and you NEVER signaled before you initiated a lane change.

I watched in my rear view mirror as you finished your call. After you completed your call, you then placed another call. You were talking on the phone when I turned out of the 50mph rush hour traffic onto a side street.

It is my greatest hope that, upon the crash you cause due to your recklessness and inattentiveness, you only injure yourself.

That is all.