Bad Retail Experience Part II: Kroger

Kroger, oh Kroger. You put me in a bad position. You are the most convenient store for me to shop, but you are really starting to slip. I can forgive that your highest-price-in-town canned cat food forces me to send my dollars to your competitors, but I have very little patience for less than competent employees.

I went to Kroger today to buy a chicken for roasting tomorrow. Knowing that Kroger’s stocking is hit-or-miss, I first went to make sure they had a chicken (even though we are the top chicken producing state in the nation).

The only chickens they had in the cooler were these fancy-pants organic things, with a price in the $10+ range. It was easy to find them– they were flanked by about 3 feet of empty space on either side, where reasonably priced chickens once sat, I presume.

I asked the two managers who were talking nearby if the only whole chickens they had were the $10 ones, and she went and checked. She said they had more in the back, and said she would have an employee get them.

I continued my shopping, getting all of the food for the weekend, and head back to grab a chicken, about 10 minutes later. I once again find $10 chickens, and 6 feet of empty shelf. Now, though, there is a guy who is setting out ground beef.

I ask where the chickens are. He points to a box, where I am expected to fish out a chicken. Why, after the manager specifically asked him to put out chickens, would he instead put out ground beef? Why should a customer, who was patient enough to wait for them to restock, have to sort through a box to find a chicken?

And, the most irksome part– the part that sent me to Kroger’s competitor Piggly Wiggly to buy a chicken– is that the chicken they wanted to sell me was 15% salt water. That’s not chicken, that’s chicken product. They are so salty that I can’t even eat them. And I don’t pay $25/gallon for chicken broth, which is what 15% salt water chicken product works out to at $3/lb.

Piggly Wiggly had a nice chicken, around $6, and only 3% solution. Cheaper on cat food, too.

That is all.

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