Are all Hearse Ghost Tours Savannah – drivers this reckless?

If you are planning on visiting Savannah, and are considering a ghost tour, you may be well advised to properly evaluate and scrutinize the tour operator. If your safety is important to you, you may wish to ask for a copy of their driving records, drug and alcohol policy, proof of insurance, and any applicable operator license or safety inspection certificate.

It appears this may be particularly true for the specific topic of this post.

I just sent this letter to the owner of the company that provides Hearse Ghost Tours in Savannah ( after my phone call to (912)695-1578 did not satisfactorily address an experience I had with one of their drivers:


I am writing to you with concerns about one of your drivers. I have already relayed my concerns to the lady in your office, as well as to the Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department.

At 5:02PM on May 24, I was behind one of your vehicles (#BSI 3091) on Congress Street, heading East. With NO warning, your vehicle came to a complete stop, and, without hesitation, began backing up in an attempt to parallel park on the side of the Lucas Theater. As a result of waiting for pedestrians to cross, my vehicle was approximately one standard car length behind your vehicle.

Clearly, if your vehicle continued to advance, it would have impacted my vehicle on the front passenger side. There were other vehicles behind me, and I had no where to go. I began honking my horn.

Your driver continued, so I honked again. Your driver continued, so I started honking in rapid fashion. Your driver continued. In the mean time, the drivers behind me began reversing, creating room for your obviously dangerous driver.

Your driver, however, continued reversing. My passenger began yelling for him to stop, as he was within a mere half foot from hitting our vehicle. I pulled my car back as far as I could– not out of harm’s way– and got out. If my vehicle is to be hit by a reckless driver, I prefer to not have the airbag deploy in my face.

I approached your driver and asked what he was doing. He said he was parking. I explained that he had used no signal, and no hazard lights. He had made no indication of his intent to park prior to advancing in reverse. He was dangerously close to hitting my car.

Your driver did not apologize. He stated, “I saw you, I wasn’t going to hit you.”

The situation resolved with me being forced to illegally reverse on a roadway, in order to make way for your driver’s illegal reversing on the road way, failure to signal, and failure to yield.

I contacted your office, and was told by a lady, who was instantly defensive, that the driver did NOT see my vehicle, even though the driver stated he had. She stated that the vehicles have a large blind spot and are difficult to park. She stated he may not have seen my vehicle, but instead the vehicle behind me.

Regardless, if the driver did not see my vehicle, the honking of the horn should have stopped him. This is especially true if the driver is aware that the vehicle has blind spots. Instead, the driver continued reversing, would not make eye contact, would not get out of the vehicle to see how dangerously close he was to an avoidable collision, and would not apologize.

Judging by his lack of spacial abilities, his failure to signal, and his failure to stop when other vehicles are honking at him, I suspect your driver was intoxicated. That is exactly what I reported to the Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department.

I will be reporting this issue to the City of Savannah so they may review your drivers’ records and the safety of your vehicles.

The larger problem is one of referral business. I have lived in Savannah for 11 years. Each year, I have between 6 and 12 out-of-town visitors. In fact, my in-laws will be here in about two weeks. They are extremely excited to go on a ghost tour. Guess which tour they– and all of my future guests– won’t be taking?

Thank you,

A concerned citizen

I wouldn’t patronize them.

That is all.

Quit calling it exploration

Am I the only person who follows “space” news who finds it incredibly irritating that the cable news networks are categorizing SpaceX’s successful launch as “exploration”?

What are we exploring exactly? It’s pretty simple. Launch, orbit, repeat. We are exploring nothing. Nothing!

Also, note to Tamron Hall of MSNBC: This was not the first commercial rocket launch. Not. Even. Close.

That is all.