The masses are asses, but some folks lead the way

Has anyone else observed that lately the general public is getting less smart?

Two examples, both which occurred within a minute of each other.

1. I was in one of our squares. The squares are simple– anyone in the square has the right of way, and anyone entering the square must yield. You can see the yield sign on this Google Map.

So today as I rounded the square, a girl on the phone blows the yield and, were I not paying attention, would have rammed my car. I tap my horn, she gives a look of alarm, and guns it. I continue on behind her, since I was in the square and anyone entering the square must yield to me. The guy behind her comes dangerously close to hitting my car, and then proceeds to honk their horn about 40 times. I HAD THE RIGHT OF WAY, IDIOT.

2. Pedestrians are reckless, and that is dangerous in a tourist town. In our city, you must stop for a pedestrian who is in the crosswalk. As I came around the square, the car that was two ahead of me slowed to wait for a pedestrian in the cross walk. The car ahead of me started to slow, and a pedestrian darted out between two cars and attempted to walk in front of the car ahead of me. The car ahead of me, while slowing, was going too fast to stop for this jaywalker. As soon as he clears the car, he darts out in front of my moving car. I slam on the brakes, and this guy– head down– walks right across the road, 20 feet from a crosswalk.

I casually mention that the crosswalk is 20 feet away. He walks up to my car and asks what my problem is. I simply state that the crosswalk is 20 feet away, and that he jaywalked in front of a moving car. He informed me this was a tourist town. I explain that I understand, and that is precisely the reason why pedestrians are required to use the cross walk– for their own safety– and that is why we have a minimum of 8 crosswalks per square. He then walks to his car, which was the first one off the cross walk. He had to walk to the crosswalk anyway.

If he had crossed 60 seconds earlier, the lady from my first post would have hit him, and likely killed him. Why not cross safely, and with the protection of the law requiring other vehicles to stop?

Eh, that would be too reasonable. This guy owned the road… so long as his idiot self didn’t want to use it when the other idiot was blowing her yield.

The masses may be asses, but some individuals are really screwing up the curve.

That is all.

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