Kroger Sucks Part… uhh… maybe 5…?

Here is today’s Kroger experience.

I went in at 2PM to get all of my food for the weekend. As I walked in, I noticed a man in dirty clothes, walking through the parking lot. He was looking inside every car he passed. He stopped by a lady with her baby, and talked to her for a second. This guy was clearly begging or stealing.

I informed the two security guards who were outside smoking, and pointed specifically to the guy. I did my shopping, and 45 minutes later, the guy was still walking around the lot, looking into cars, harassing Kroger’s customers.

Why did the security guard not tell him to leave their property or face arrest for trespassing?

Fast forward 3 hours, 5:00PM. I am showing Jaime the food for the weekend and realize that the person who bagged my groceries failed to put my pint of blueberries, 2 lemons, and 3 limes in my cart. Grrr.

My general rule is this. If you make a mistake on my purchase, and I have to travel back to your location, I get it for free. Almost every retail establishment agrees. So I called Kroger to make sure I would be able to get both my food and my money back as a result of having to fight 5:00PM Friday traffic. The lady said maybe, so I held for the manager, who said it was no problem. Good.

I go to the store, and grab my citrus while Jaime grabs the blueberries. The ones she picked had a rotten one right below the surface, so I stopped to swap it for a different one. As we walked to the cooler, we watched a guy open up a package of blueberries, reach in with his bare hand, grab a few of them, pop them in his mouth, and close the package.

He looks at us as if he was caught, probably because he was caught. I grab my berries and casually say, “That’s disgusting.” He asks what. I state that opening a package of sealed fruit, reaching in with his bare hand, and closing it back up is what is disgusting. He asserts that it is not disgusting, and questions how he’s supposed to buy fruit. I explain that fruit is a gamble. He says it is not– he can sample as he pleases.

What?!?! So if you want a watermelon, well, core out a sample. Are those mushrooms fresh all the way to the bottom? Let’s open ‘em up and figure it out. How about that banana? I suspect there may be a brown spot on this one, so let me just peel it a little bit. Idiot.

I reiterated my point that what he did was in fact disgusting and we started to walk away. He asked what was disgusting about it, and my response was short and simple: “Did you wash your hands…?” We continue walking. He then tells me that the blueberries are no good (fat chance, considering blueberries are a June and November crop and– hold the presses– it’s JUNE). I noted his description for when I got my money back from the manager.

When I talked to the manager, I took an opportunity to inform him of the suspicious man earlier, and of the man who wants to audition closed, measured packages of fruit.

After a bit of an ordeal, I get my money back for the fruit I had bought, but wasn’t placed in my cart when I paid.

Oh yeah, and why does Kroger suck? They didn’t apologize for failing to put my groceries in my cart after our transaction was legally complete, thereby requiring me to drive back to their store and wait in line, and completely negating my planning to do all of my weekend shopping at a low-shopper, low-traffic time.

That is all.

11 thoughts on “Kroger Sucks Part… uhh… maybe 5…?

  1. What security guards? Kroger doesn’t use security guards.

    If you had asked employees to do something, they were on a smoke break and don’t give a crap

  2. You are wrong, but thanks for commenting!

    Every Kroger I have been to in Savannah has had security guards.

    This particular Kroger seems to have multiple security guards on duty at all times.

  3. This reminds me of when I stopped shopping at Kroger years ago. I used to get awful service from the cashiers & it was getting worse so I began shopping early Sunday mornings to get less distracted cashiers. Well after yet another checkout of not only not being greeted /spoken to at all, but rather having to listen to my cashier talk over me to another cashier 3 lanes down, she managed to forget a bag of my groceries. I didn’t notice until bedtime that night. I was really ticked off so I called & explained what had happened. The lady at he service dept said sorry about that, then I said well do you want my address. She asked why & I said so someone can bring me my shit. Of course she wasn’t in agreement that the items I paid for should be delivered & we had a few words. I was rude but not cussing or abusive, (always stay on point in retail disagreements!) then she hung up on me. And wouldn’t answer the phone when I called back in a moment. Well it was on then. I called& rang until some asshat answered, NOT the first woman of course, who tried to act shocked at the situation.
    I really didn’t expect to have my bag of crap delivered but wanted to see what response it would elicit. Having worked extensively in retail, my response would’ve been a joke to defuse it, or a sincere apology. I got nothing but attitude from the start. Up till that day, I’d done the vast majority of my grocery shopping there ($100-150/wk ave). I was so mad I didn’t return for a refund for almost 2 months. The lady at the service counter knew me & I made sure to tell her that I wouldn’t be back & why. I haven’t darkened that door ever since. I do go to a different Kroger maybe twice a year & today was my semiannual trip. It was as usual a frustrating shopping experience in stark contrast to shopping at my local family-owned grocery. Slightly higher prices, yes, but overall 100% better. Kroger blows.

  4. We recently had a bad experience with Kroger. My wife came home without the eggplant she purchased. She called the store, waited several minutes for someone to get on the call. When the store manager took the call, she gave her full first and last name and said the eggplant was not in the bag when she got home. He placed her on hold for several minutes, came back on the line and said they found a smashed eggplant in the parking lot. He insinuated she dropped the eggplant. My wife said, I had two bags and I did not drop the eggplant. They were not in the bags when I got home. He reluctantly said she could come in and get another one.

    She did pick up the eggplant, but it bothered her the store manager made her feel like a crook. If they checked our shopping card, they would know we were good spending regular customers. And would a store manager even know someone dropped something like an eggplant in the parking lot?

    The day prior to this happening, we witnessed a person stealing items and walking out the door. The cashier at the self-checkout ignored us and continued talking to her friend standing next to her. When she decided to stop talking and listened to us, she said, oh well it’s too late even as the crook was still walking towards his car. So an obvious theft is OK, an honest person missing something in their bag is treated like a criminal. We decided no more Kroger. We ripped up the shopper’s card and now shop elsewhere.

  5. Okay, so let me get this straight.. You got your groceries for free and talked to a manager. I’m almost certain someone along the line apologized to you. From what I can see you ended up getting what you wanted. Stop nit-picking.Try putting yourself in the shoes of a Kroger worker for a change. They make 7.25 an hour, not enough to deal with people like you. And there is no security most Kroger’s cannot afford them so you must live in an affluent area. Either that or you asked a bagger in a safety vest. And yeah people sample fruit big freaking whoop you never ate a grape you were going to buy? Now if someone did that and put it back after touch all of them that’s a little gross. I always inspect my back berries but do not touch them. I”l open it look. Close it and turn it around and look from all sides for mold.
    Don’t shop there if you’re still butt-hurt about it.

  6. Anon, call either of the two Krogers that are nearest to downtown Savannah– neither of which are in good neighborhoods– and ask if they have security guards.

    KROGER, 1900 E Victory Dr Ste 12, Savannah, GA 31404, Store: (912) 236-9321
    KROGER, 311 E Gwinnett St, Savannah, GA 31401, Store: (912) 231-2260

    I have no problem with inspecting fruit. What I have a problem with is people taking their nasty, use-the-cellphone-in-the-bathroom-and-don’t-properly-wash hands, sticking them into a product that is eaten raw, and then rejecting that product and placing it back on the shelf for someone else to purchase and consume.

    How’s that job at Kroger working out?


  7. I strongly recommend that you shop somewhere else other then kroger. The employees are reflection of management, and if management is sloppy then customer service will be sloppy.

  8. I hate Kroger. My wife and I hadn’t been to one in years. Then we heard a supercenter opened up in the next town. Recently we went to buying nothing but organic food. I can’t speak for service. But I will mention that like years ago, Kroger is full of well off a-holes who just have that look on their face like they are better than you.

    Anyway. Kroger’s selection on organic food is BAD. They hardly have any. Mostly a bunch of that big GMO produce. NO THANKS. But I bought what they had. And most of it is crap. The apples look good. But still, have no flavor. The grapes are big and greed. But hard and sour. The strawberries look awesome. But taste sour as well. The list goes on.

    I will never waste my time going to Kroger again. At least the poison you get from Walmart taste’s good. But I think I’ll try Whole Foods, even though I have to drive 45 minutes to get there. It’s getting more and more difficult to find truly safe food from suppliers. They are all running shady and dishonest operations, deceiving the public to sell a product. Even if a farmer uses safe practices on the crops, how do we know they aren’t using GMO seeds? You never really know. And research has shown the lack of nutrition and the effect it has on the body’s DNA, which of course is a sign that we are targeted to be “programmed” by live food.

    How do we fix our problems? Leave society. Get our own heirloom seeds. Grow our own food. Save our seeds. Catch our own water. And shun society and all the poisonous stench is gives off.

  9. try working there ….. especially in the Bakery. It sucks nightmares………….

  10. A kroger semi truck driver struck a electrical utility box near my house, taking out power and blowing 4 circuit breakers, along with the main 100 amp breaker. I heard a loud POP inside my house when it happened. He did not stop, did not report the incident.

    When power did not come back upon resetting breakers, and noticing my neighbor was also without power, I called the utility company for help.

    Many hours later when power was restored, I discovered that my TV set and my coffee pot were non-functional.

    The power company advised me that the liability was on the driver and for me to file a police report. When I tried that, the police refused to file a report. They claimed that I am not a victim, and have no standing to file such a complaint, and that striking the utility box and leaving/ failing to report was not a crime, regardless of the damage to my possessions.

    Even the electrical worker who came out first to diagnose the problem acknowledged that it was a big truck pulling into the Kroger loading docks that struck the box, there were tire tracks on the box and the protective posts guarding the box. He stated that this same thing had happened many times over now.

    This was clearly caused by the Kroger truck driver.

    Kroger disavows any responsibility at all.

    So as it stands now, I’m out around $450 to replace my TV and coffee pot.
    But it will be a cold day in Hades before I spend another dime at Kroger. I will also be doing whatever I can to persuade others to do the same.

  11. Kroger sucks 14 years loyal shopper store guard treated me like a crimal when a friend was at the store with me and missed a four dollar item I told him it was a honest mistake and I would never shop lift he smirked at me and looked at me like I was lieing approx. five hundred or more spent there a month sorry theres more stores to shop at than krogers if I was a shop lifter I don’t think I would have shopped fifthteen years with a clean record why start now I,ll soon be 60 what a joke

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