DirecTV/Viacom Collateral Damage

I appreciate that DirecTV and Viacom had a little spat, but I do NOT appreciate that the spat has impacted me even though I do not watch any Viacom channels.

I watch NewsMix. It’s 8 news-like channels in one. It is an excellent tool for staying updated on the news. NONE of the NewsMix channels are Viacom channels.

When DirecTV and Viacom had their little blackout, they took out all of the Viacom channels and replaced them with other channels. In order to facilitate easy location of these channels, they removed NewsMix, and replaced it with a similar channel– “Kids’ Mix”.

So let me get this right. DirecTV thinks that it is appropriate to sacrifice their customers’ desire to keep informed of real issues, just so that little kids and morons can more easily find their entertainment? Unreal.

Does DirecTV also think that it is appropriate to remove other unrelated channels without providing ANY notice whatsoever? NONE of DirecTV’s literature that I have seen regarding this blackout even mentioned NewsMix, let alone explaining why the channel was removed, and when/if it will return. Instead, they were eager to push their junk Encore package.

I don’t want Encore. I don’t want Viacom channels. I don’t want $5 off my bill. I WANT NEWSMIX!

Also, DirecTV’s email support sucks. It’s worthless. EVERY email I was sent was a form response. NONE of the email had a greeting, like “Dear Valued Customer” or “Dear Mr. So-and-so.” NONE of the email addressed my question, and instead only talked about Viacom channels. Terrible.

That is all.

My new site for effects pedals, instruments, and more

As some of you might now, music is my primary hobby. I like to play it, but beyond that, I build my own effects pedals, I maintain my own gear, and I collect instruments.

I have decided that it is probably best to move my music posts off of my personal blog, and over to a dedicated site. So, here it is:

Just one more build…

The name is tongue-in-cheek, implying that at some point, I will be done building effects. I doubt that will ever happen.

If you are interested in musical instruments and effects, check out

That is all.