iHeartRadio / ClearChannel Sucks

Some of you may have noticed that I have not posted much lately in my “sucks” series. Believe me, that is not because companies no longer suck– they do– but mainly because it takes quite a bit of time to post accurately and truthfully in order to prevent potential litigation. For example, today’s subject is iHeartRadio / ClearChannel. They bring in about $6.25B annually, which is just slightly above our income. Does it mean they don’t suck? No, but I have to make sure that my assertion regarding their suckage is an accurate one. It does help that my “sucks” posts are not meant to drag a company down, but to give them an opportunity, and the necessary information, to not suck as much.

So to iHeartRadio and ClearChannel, I have a comment: You suck. I also have a question: Why do you suck so much? Let me explain.

I bought myself a shiny new Asus Google Nexus 7 FHD tablet. According to my cursory research, this is one of the hottest selling Android tablets. I have read estimates claiming that since last year when the initial Nexus 7 was released, nearly 50 million Android tablets have been sold. Of those 50 million, 10%– or 5,000,000– were Nexus 7 tablets.

That is why it comes as a shock to me that iHeartRadio and ClearChannel suck so bad as to list iHeartRadio in the GOOGLE Play store, but not support the GOOGLE Nexus 7. As I was told by “Rick,” part of iHeartRadio’s no-support team:

Currently the iHeartRadio is available for the following devices: http://news.iheart.com/go/radio_app/. Unfortunately, at this time iHeartRadio is not available for Google Nexus 7. You can still access iHeartRadio through a web browser on your computer at http://www.iheart.com

The only tablets that we support are:

-Kindle Fire
-HP TouchPad.

First, let me explain that it took 40 days of back and forth with iHeartRadio for them to admit failure by denying that they offer an Android version of their software. iHeartRadio’s support sucks so bad that there is virtually no way to get support. Email the address on their website? No response. Email the address listed under their App page in the Google Play store? (“Have a suggestion, question or concern? Please email us at help@iheartradio.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.”) No response. Start a question on their quasi-discussion support board? No response. It seems I only received a response after I posted a 1-star review of their software at the Amazon App Store.

Now, when I am at the GOOGLE Play Store using my GOOGLE Nexus 7, and I browse to the iHeartRadio app, it says very clearly, “This app is compatible with all of your devices.” That’s a good thing, since there are 5,000,000 people with a GOOGLE Nexus 7 who might want to install iHeartRadio from the GOOGLE Play store. Obviously, though, the above quote from Rick the guru says it’s not compatible.

Why would a company with $6.25B in revenue release an app into the GOOGLE Play store without ensuring that the app is compatible with GOOGLE’s flagship product, the GOOGLE Nexus 7? In my opinion, it is because, like many massive corporations, iHeartRadio and ClearChannel suck.

Why would iHeartRadio and ClearChannel executives not be incredibly concerned that they are intentionally ignoring 5,000,000 potential listeners?

They must not realize that tablets and portable devices are extremely popular with their key target demographic segment. They also must not realize that people under the age of 30 are likely to have not turned a radio on in years, if ever. If iHeartRadio / ClearChannel wants these listeners, they need to ensure their apps are compatible with the devices these listeners use– and they aren’t t AM/FM radios.

To add insult to injury, they perpetually advertise iHeartRadio on the radio. They must chew up millions in advertising time annually that could be sold to someone else instead of being used to promote iHeartRadio.

The only reasonable explanation I can surmise is that the iHeartRadio / ClearChannel executives must be extremely out of touch with their development team, and their target audience. Maybe that is why it seems talk radio is stuffed to the brim with scam gold commercials these days.

By the way, re-read the supported devices. Apple, Amazon, and… WebOS? Seriously? iHeartRadio and ClearChannel, in all their suckage, can support an operating system that has not had a release since January 1, 2012, but they suck so bad that they can’t support the 5,000,000 GOOGLE Nexus 7s? They support an unavailable device that was sold off in a fire sale a mere 49 days after it was released (in August 2011), but they don’t support a device that is being actively marketed and sold?

iHeartRadio / ClearChannel, you guys sure seem to suck pretty bad. You don’t seem to understand the technologically changing world, and even if you do, you seem to be far behind the curve. That’s ok, though– I hear that the new iHeartRadio app for the Amiga 1000 will be out soon. If that doesn’t happen, I can just listen on my Palm Pilot (hah!).

The funny thing is that I want to listen to ONE radio station, and only ONE radio station: 1290 AM, WTKS. Their signal bleeds terribly with 1230 WSOK, and their FM mirror (97.7) provides quite possibly the worst FM reception I have ever experienced.

I am just about at the point where I will be abandoning radio altogether. It’s a shame. I have been a huge talk radio fan for about 20 years, since I was about 15. A bigger shame, however, is that iHeartRadio / ClearChannel sucks so bad that the current crop of 15 year old kids will likely not be exposed to the wonderful medium that is talk radio.

Radio will go the way of newspapers, and iHeartRadio / ClearChannel will likely be a big part of that. They will have nobody but themselves to blame.

To anyone from ClearChannel / iHeartRadio that may end up reading this, feel free to comment and start a dialogue if you wish to have my (free) cooperation and assistance in ensuring the app you listed in the GOOGLE Play Store is compatible with the flagship GOOGLE Nexus 7.

hosts: iheartradio.com

I’m done with you. That is all.

12 thoughts on “iHeartRadio / ClearChannel Sucks

  1. Hay go to mobile1market and install the apk then go to and onstall ihart radio app it will play live radio it whant play your custum stations

  2. Thanks for the tip!

    I don’t see how the iHeart app from that app store would be any different from the one at the Google Play store, or Amazon App store, both of which I have tried.

    In fact, I have tried every apk from every version that I can find. Same problem with all of them. iHeart was the second or third app I installed when I got my tablet, and it never worked. I have had no other problems at all with my tablet. Everything else works perfectly, including iHeart’s competition.

    I’m pretty much giving up on this. The iHeart people asked me to again give them details on my tablet, because apparently they were unwilling or unable to read the email chain going back over 5+ weeks. That was last week, or maybe the week before. Either way, I haven’t heard anything. That instills confidence. I don’t expect to hear anything.

    That’s ok, though. I found a non-ClearChannel station that airs the two syndicated shows that I like. The only thing I will miss is the local AM talk show, and the local news. It is the only locally produced talk show, and I like to support it.

    Last time I did Arbitron ratings, the station (accurately) got 3-6 hours of listening a day from me, and equal from my wife. Next time around, WTKS will get a big fat zero, and they will have deserved it.

    Take care!


  3. Omg! I am so glad to see that I didn’t cause this incompatibility with iheart/clear channel and my nexus 7 tablet! Just yesterday I got an “update message” on my tablet so I clicked on it & after that I could no longer get iheart to work!!!
    I even check at the Google play store and it said “incompatible with the nexus”!! I am so disappointed and mad about this! I’m glad to find your post! Thanks

  4. You are correct. It seems that the aggressive (probably non-radio) management people were prepared to capture content in the form of channels, then attempt to create a monopoly with this content and the marketing people were ready to be irritatingly pushy with SPAM through the app to your phone (making me uninstall a few times) but the back-end technologists aren’t ready to build an efficient app, make it stable and then support the end user. When a retail company is all about its own benefit and owns so much access to content, there is a problem. It is the bad side of monopolistic practices. I’m uninstalling, again.

  5. iHeartRadio is well supported on the Nexus 7 and most other tablets and phones available in the US, both Google Android and Amazon’s.

  6. this is a great post and illustrates why we cannot afford these big media monopolies in the USA.

    clear channel buys the exclusive rights to a market and then locks the majority of people out with no access to the media. sure, the press is still free, but they are locked up in a clear channel reincarnation of “free speech pens” where only certain paying subscribers (who do business with the right companies and buy the right products) can get access to the press.

  7. iHeartRadio was owned by Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital group, who became so hated they had to change their name from Clear Channel.

    Clear Channel’s board and owners represent powerful interests. In the wake of 9/11, Clear Channel did the following
    1) banned all songs which questioned war or advocated peace (from John Lennon to the Bruce to a blanket ban on RATM). You can still google for “Clear Channel memorandum” to see the banned list containing many of the greatest songs from 1960s to 2000s.
    2) Clear Channel lobbied the public to go to war with Afghanistan and Iraq. Morning DJs were required to talk at length about this.
    3) Clear Channel has purchased lots of “indie” radio stations (example: the WFNX alternative stations in north metro Boston Mass area). Clear Channel then fire the staff, and converting the content to low cost syndicated content which happens to also support their agenda (so station becomes one of Country, Christian, or right-wing talk radio).
    4) Clear Channel supports Nickelback, for fuck’s sake…

    I live in southern NH. Except for one radio station, everything is Clear Channel. And all of the stations play the same pre-recorded content. Whenever the station identification comes on, you know what the next song is before it starts playing. Clear Channel has DESTROYED radio, and I believe that is their goal… drive listeners away so they can lobby the FCC to “privatize” the public airways. In the meantime, wring as much money from it as possible. Clear Channel’s repetitiveness and blandness is the #1 reason people are buying satellite radio receivers.

  8. I heart Radio sucks I deleted there app on my iPhone if you ever listened specially at nights or on the weekends most of there rock and classic rock stations are syndicated I’m pretty sure the other music stations might do the same but I listen to classic rock and rock Download Tunein its way better and there are stations that people make on there own from various donations by the way all stations on tunein that are owned by Iheart media are blocked on Tunein and your redirected to another radio station similar

  9. I live in Denver and listen to Iheart talk radio and I have to say IHEART SUCKS!!!
    The repetitive commercials, I mean same one’s, two or three time in a row and all the time every commercial break is proof is proof they are not very good.

    Then there’s the constant thumbs up or down on the app before you can use the lousy app. And then there’s the constant connect and disconnect, the APP just stops working for a few seconds to a minute or longer. These problems occur all the time on a daily bases on my Verizon Samsung S6, S7, and Iphones over the past 2-3 years and at home with Comcast high speed internet.

    The problem with most companies these days is there is no phone number to contact these app companies and internet companies to really help make their companies better.

  10. What a real radio Station?

    They tell you what you, I’m sorry us, — we want to listen to after several songs.


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