They’re not glitches, bitc…err… people.

Is anyone else tired of hearing about the Obamacare tax registration fiasco being called ‘glitches’?

Call them bugs. Call them problems. Call them errors. Call them whatever you want, but if you call them “glitches,” it only demonstrates that you do not understand what a “glitch” is at a conceptual level.

A glitch is an unexpected error. When a glitch occurs, the issue either self-corrects, or the system carries on with no major impact. The cause of a glitch is difficult to find, even though the solution may be infinitesimally small.

Examples of a glitch:

Did you see the TV screen just flash black really fast? Must be a glitch.

Did you hear that strange bit of digital noise in the middle of that song? Must be a glitch.

The mechanic couldn’t find anything wrong with my engine. It must have been a glitch.

Examples of not a glitch:

My TV is smoking. It must be a glitch.

My car’s engine seized up. Turns out that a new employee at the oil change place forgot to put oil in cars for a week straight. Apparently there was there was a training glitch.

He died after his heart stopped beating. Must have been a glitch.

See the difference? With a glitch, things continue as normal, or mostly as normal. With something that is not a glitch, the subject, without extreme intervention, comes to a screeching, irreversible halt.

So again, I repeat…

They’re not glitches, bitc…err… people.

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