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UPDATE: Andersen came through. See comment below.

I do not understand what is wrong with business in this country.

Situation: I bought a custom color Andersen 4000 Storm Door. It was not cheap. It took two weeks to get to me (as agreed). When I went to install it, I found a rattling piece in the lock set. This causes the handle– which holds in the glass– to not function. My custom door is not functional.

1. Why was the lock set not tested before shipping? This is not an Emco 100 series. This is an Andersen 4000 series– the most expensive door they make. I waited two weeks for the door. I expect them to spend 30 seconds testing a part.

2. Why was the part that broke– which is expected to hold in the glass– made with cheap pot metal? Use a piece of steel to hold the glass in place, not a piece of potted zinc.

3. Why don’t they stock replacement parts? I was told that there is a 4 day lead time, followed by 2-day shipping, to get a functioning version of a non-custom part for a custom order that I placed on March 3. That is 6 business days, so add in a weekend and make it 8 days. Why don’t they have replacement parts ready to ship for people who were nice enough to buy their most expensive door, but were shipped a substandard product?

4. Why should I have to argue with them over the phone to get them to understand that 6 days to receive a replacement part– 8 days if you count the weekend– is not acceptable, and that they have the ability to expedite the replacement part for arrival in less than 8 days? I was able to get them to say they are shipping the part overnight, and they magically cut their lead time from 4 days to “maybe today, if not tomorrow.” It surely shouldn’t be corporate policy that lead times can be cut if customers argue, but maybe that is the policy.

Now, in the middle of spring, I have no screen or glass door. My month-long restoration of my 1920 door is now on hold, and my week is shot. I have to finish this project before I can move on to restoring my actual door (the sidelights/transom/woodwork is finished).

We only get a few weeks each spring where we can have our screen doors and windows open. Thanks to a poorly made product, I get to miss a good portion of that. I can’t get fresh air into my house. My cats can’t sit in the door and enjoy the sun or breeze. Thanks, Andersen.

I regret purchasing this door, and wish I could return it for a refund. Every time someone comments on the door– assuming I get a functioning door at some point in the future– my response will be that they should avoid Andersen products if they value their time, or if they expect value in their purchases.

I can say one thing for sure. I am getting ready to replace 22 windows in my house. 22! Guess which company will not get the business? That’s right– Andersen. If they use the same cheap pot metal on their window locks or balancing mechanisms as they do in their most expensive door, chances are that one out of 22 will be defective. I’m not going to sit for 8 days waiting for parts with plywood over my brand new window, simply because some bottom-line businessman convinced the manufacturer that it is a good idea to sell low-quality parts while holding no replacement stock.

That is all.

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  1. Well, I got my part today, in less than 24 hours. Now that is how it should be. Actually, it is a bit better than it should be.

    A couple of points to make, and then I’m done.

    Andersen expects people to need replacement parts. The Installation Guide says, right on the front, “PLEASE call the storm door Solution Center at 1-800-933-3626 with any questions regarding installation, mis-cut part replacement, lost part replacement, or anything else related to your storm door purchase.” It also says, “Please Do Not Return Product to Store!”

    If Andersen understands that people may need replacement parts, they need to find a middle ground that is reasonable for both them and their customers.

    From a customer’s perspective, if you say you are going to sit on my replacement part order for 4 days before it is shipped, I am going to insist that you ship it the fastest possible method (when it finally ships), regardless of the cost to you. If you say you are going to ship within a day, then ground or 2-day or 3-day shipping is perfectly reasonable. Find the middle ground.

    It likely costs the same for Andersen to pick and ship my order today as it would on Thursday, the original estimate. The variable cost is the actual shipping.

    Customers do not appreciate being told it will take 4 days just to ship the item, followed by two days in transit. That guarantees that no matter when you call for the part, you will not get it for at least a week.

    Streamline your shipping process, ship everything ground, save money on shipping, and leave your customers satisfied with your responsiveness instead of befuddled by your inability to ship a product in a reasonable amount of time.

    The last point is that the fit and finish, and installation process, on these doors is not so great. I expected better.

    For example, there is a piece of weatherstrip that attaches to the outside of the door. It has a thin piece that has to fit between the front of the door, and the plate that holds in the locking mechanism. Impossible. The plates in both of the lock sets were too wide. It’s either the plate (essential), or the trim (non-essential, but a premium upgrade for which I paid). I will have to sand down the brushed nickel plate to get it to sit flush on my door, exposing the unfinished edge to oxidation and corrosion, reducing the life of the part. Lame.

    In step 10 of the handle set installation instructions (“Install Latch Striker”), I am told to drill two 3/32″ holes, and then install two #6 screws. A 3/32-inch screw is 0.09375 inches. A #6 screw is 0.138 inches. It is impossible to screw a self-tapping #6 screw into a 3/32-inch hole, period.

    The aluminum milling was rough. There were razor sharp strands of aluminum inside the lock set hole, up to 6 inches long. They interfered with the installation of the lock set, so I had to (very carefully) clear them out before proceeding. There was no warning about this razor-sharp aluminum in the instructions. It should have been removed at the factory. In fact, there is loose aluminum inside my door– a nice touch.

    Only a couple of minor points left. Some of the color-matched screws are also self-drilling, self-tapping screws. I doubt that anyone can screw these in without damaging the paint on the screw head. How about we get a screw or two that is the same size, but not color-matched, so we can drill/thread the holes with a screw that doesn’t detract from the finished product?

    And last, a very small issue that I think could reveal a lot about the company. There are stickers on the door– one is the serial number, and the other contains instructions on how to remove/replace the glass. BOTH of these stickers are crooked. Not just slight, either– crooked enough so that the customer is left with the impression that the workers in the factory are either careless and sloppy, or take little pride in the result of their work. It detracts from the final product, and I expect better on Andersen’s most expensive storm door.

    Anyway, it’s installed and done, and I can now continue restoring my 1920 door.


  2. I feel your pain – I was also frustrated by Andersen (and home depot) after paying to have someone come measure they tell me I can’t put an Andersen 4000 series storm door on our house in Washington DC. I liked the door primarily for its glass/screen changing feature and do not want a cheap 300 series door. I do think Andersen should make a non front mounting frame for this door. I’d need to mount in a recessed opening so an option to attaching to side jams instead of the front of the house would make this simple but even with there set up I can see how my doorway could be modified for this to work.

    I got so frustrated I was looking into a ProVia Decorator Storm door, they are all custom to the door opening but you can’t buy them direct yourself so I call a couple of the local certified installers and no one will do one storm door! No worth it?! Again not a cheap door but somehow no one wants the job. Your right in asking “WHAT IS WRONG WITH BUSINESS IN THIS COUNTRY!?”

    I may regretfully have to go back and buy the Andersen door and do the modifications to my doorway myself – I least i know it will be done correctly. ugh, who knew a simple storm door could be so hard.

  3. Anderson door is junk. Bought the best storm door 4000 model and paid to have it professionally installed. What a joke and nearly a month later still dealing with poor quality and an installer how left frustrated? Spent nearly $500. for a low quality storm door. Customer service was a joke at best! NOT HAPPY WITH PURCHASE!

  4. I still haven’t put in a door – you say Anderson is junk but i may have no choice, it may be the best of the worst, I can’t buy the ProVia directly and no company finds it worth putting in one door. Any suggestions??? (details in my previous post – look above)

  5. We also have found lack of quality in our 4000 series door. We had the door installed by a pro, well maybe. Upon installation and the door lock sticking the installer told me to just spray it with wd40 really! on the lock assembly? Sure thought we would have a quality door. Think it’s ok and not worth the money spent. Anderson where do you loose your direction?

  6. I have a new andersen 4000 series storm door.After my contractor installed it, it held up for a few minutes until I tried to release the glass. The glass tipped out and the mechanism would not move to retain it. A $500 mistake, now I have to deal with the Andersen “customer service”

  7. I purchased the top of the 4000 series from Home Depot took twice as long to receive door finally Home Depot installed door loves very nice. 2 weeks k
    Later the 3 lock door system quit working. Called Home Depot was told they would order new lock system. 10 days later long box arrived. Called Home Depot informed then new lock had arrived another few days installer came to install new locking system. When he opened box it was EMPTY. So had to order another lock system which of course took several more days to arrived. This time 2 long boxes arrived. Once again called Home Depot they again put us on waiting list for repair. By this time around 3 months or longer has gone by. When installer came he discovered one of the boxes was again EMPTY. But the other had replacement part. Installer replaced locking system and finished out the last of installation to be done. I loved the door really looked great on house. If I remember correctly we purchased door in Feb 2016. Things were going ok. The lock system was a pain to use but I decided we could handle that UNTIL today. The lock at top of door is frozen. So as of now I can’t use my front door at all. Tomorrow I will of course call Home Depot I’m going to tell them to come get this door and bring me an entirely different door. I’m so sick of messing with this door. I paid 542.00 for door and installation. Guess I better go directly to manger. I will also contact home office of Andersen if I can find their info. I would NEVER recommend this door to anyone. So be careful if you decide to purchase their 4000 series with triple door lock. It will not last. Do a web search. I did and found lots of upset people who purchased this door!!!!!

  8. We purchased a custom color 4000 series and it looks just perfect with our front door.
    But, tonight, I was replacing the screen with the full door glass. The locking mechanism that retains the screen/glass insert properly released the screen – no problem. Then, when installing the glass insert hinge side first, then latch side, I tried closing/latching the insert back into place and the handle just moves back down into horizontal position, but isn’t engaging the “latch” knobs into the glass insert frame. So, now I can’t secured the glass into the door (it fits, just won’t lock in).
    Now I have a big hole instead of a glass insert on my front door for Thanksgiving day. Great.
    Anyone else have this problem / know of a solution or part needed to fix this part of the mechanism. Seems really clunky/cheaply made.

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