Ugh, UPS. You are also a big dumb dog.

A continuous link
That is always in sync
That’s logistics

When technology knows
Right where everything goes
That’s logistics

There will be no more stress
Cause you called UPS
That’s logistics

Come on UPS. It’s barely December and you are already screwing up.

I had a package shipped to me, UPS Ground from California. It’s coffee, 12lbs. I got a tracking number yesterday that indicated the order would be here next Wednesday, which is perfectly appropriate.

I check the tracking today to find this: “We’ve left the package in our facility. This may cause at least one business day delay. / Delivery will be rescheduled.”

I chat with someone at UPS. They tell me they don’t know why they left my package. They don’t know when it will be delivered. They don’t have any way to expedite it (“Nope” was their professional answer when I asked if they could expedite due to their error). Their only solution is for me to wait until the 10th, five more days. If it is not delivered by then, they will then investigate.

Ugh. Guess who is not getting my holiday shipping business? I have had 6 packages shipped to me via UPS since November. Of those 6, only 5 made it to me, and one is currently lost. I have sent a few of my own, too. And this marks the 2nd year in a row that UPS has screwed up the delivery of my packages in December. Attention UPS, My Choice is to do business with a different shipper when possible.

With the holidays coming, I expect to read about UPS’ failings in the coming days. People shipping Christmas gifts may be well advised to avoid businesses that sing about their greatness, yet offer NO solutions when they screw up. Nobody expects perfection, but reasonable people expect reasonable companies to have a reasonable system in place to fix their occasional mistakes. That is how you earn future business, and we all know that it is cheaper and easier to maintain current customers than it is to cultivate new ones.

That is all.

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