Ugh DirecTV… just… ugh…

Well, I put in for cancellation of my DirecTV service. I’ve had them since February of 2012.

The reason I am canceling is that DirecTV just doesn’t value my time. It seems that every time I have an issue– almost always billing issues– it is never corrected the first time. I have to call over and over, or spend an hour or more on the phone, to get things straightened out. It has gotten to the point that I pretty much ask for the retention department at the first hint of an issue, since those are the only people who seem to get anything done while speaking with understandable diction.

Today, I wanted to confirm that the NHL package will be automatically renewed on my account. The season starts tomorrow, and I can’t wait to watch some regular season hockey. I check online, and can’t find anything that mentions the NHL package. I check my statement for the bill I just paid yesterday: nothing. I check the month before, and it says I will be billed for the package. Clearly, something happened that dropped the NHL package off my account.

A month ago, before the NFL season started, I called to cancel the NFL Sunday Ticket. I don’t like the idea of contributing to the NFL as an organization, so I am engaged in my own little personal boycott. I had the package removed, even though they already billed me before the season started. I also made sure I got my referral credit for referring a relative to their service months earlier. They had weaseled out of paying it after their technician canceled and rescheduled the installation, somehow removing my referral. At that time, I confirmed that I would be getting the NHL package. The call took around an hour, if I recall correctly.

So, I called DirecTV again. I get a lady who says that the NHL package will not be auto-renewed on my account. This would be the fourth year that I had the package, and the third year of auto-renew. She said she could add it. Retentions, please, since experience tells me not to trust regular DirecTV representatives to correct a situation the first time. DirecTV screwed up, and wasted my time. When the 23rd largest company in the world wastes my time, they need to fix the issue, apologize, and give me a credit for my inconvenience.

Once I got to retentions, I got another lady who gladly added the NHL package to my account. She tried to tell me that I was setup for the NHL package but, again, there was nothing on the website that indicated that. She also told me that they can’t bill for the NHL package before the season starts, even though they did exactly that in the previous seasons. So now I’ve been told I didn’t have the package, and then that I did have the package. Obviously, the next request is for written, non-verbal confirmation of my account change, either somewhere in my account that lists the details of the package, or an email stating I had ordered the package. She told me it would take 24 hours for my account to update.

That is just not acceptable. I placed this order 3 years ago. I confirmed it a month ago. DirecTV should be able to provide me some sort of confirmation besides the word of an employee who was contradicting another employee, and contradicting my account history. The package should be listed in my account, or an email should be sent. Something– anything– to show that I’m not going to have to make a frantic phone call to watch NHL games tomorrow. I asked for a supervisor.

While waiting for the supervisor, at around the one hour mark of my phone call, the NHL package appeared in my account. Well, how about that. A few minutes later and I was speaking to the supervisor.

At that point, I had wasted over an hour, just to confirm an order that I already confirmed during my hour-long phone call just a month ago, but was removed from my account for unknown reasons. An hour here, an hour there, and it adds up to DirecTV costing me a lot more money than the bill indicates. When I got the supervisor, I explained the situation, and explained that every small issue with DirecTV takes an hour or more, and for that reason I was cancelling. I put in for a cancellation for a month from now, so I can find an alternative.

It is unbelievable that DirecTV didn’t want to take my money. If I add up what I have paid them, it is over $5,000. Auto-billing the whole time, zero service calls. Almost every issue I have had has been a direct result of DirecTV screwing up, and almost every issue I have had takes an hour or more of my time to resolve. The supervisor from retentions said they would like to keep my business, but offered nothing to keep me after their screw-up took my hour. That is fine.

I contacted their “Office of the President” to explain why I am canceling. The email response was that “although NHL Center Ice was set to auto-renew for the 2015 season, due to a glitch in the system it never truly did and had to be re-added.” He stated I would not get any sort of credit for the hour spent on the phone, wasted because DirecTV screwed up. The reason? I am already getting credits– $10 for the referral that they screwed up, and $25 as an apology for the time it took to fix the referral screw-up.

So now, it’s either Hulu/Netflix/Prime, or Comcast. I bet that none of those companies need to be reminded that I want to give them money.

That is all.