Get it together, Lowe’s!

Come on, Lowe’s. Get your act together.

Nov 14: Ordered ceiling fan online for home delivery.
Nov 17: Received email, fan delayed, no action necessary if I still want it. No problem.
Nov 23: Receive shipping notice, no tracking number.
Nov 23: Called for estimated delivery. Told order was canceled, fan discontinued. Told I must not have received cancellation email on the 17th.
Nov 23: Told that since order was canceled, no refund necessary. Call took 22 minutes.
Nov 23: Billed twice for $188.28. Triggers fraud alert on my credit card. Have to deal with that while preparing for Thanksgiving.
Nov 30: One charge falls off my account. $188.28 still missing from my account for order never shipped.
Nov 30: Order was supposedly canceled by 12:44PM on the 23rd, but Lowe’s billed me at 3:58PM on the 23rd, 3+ hours after cancellation.
Nov 30: Called again. Order still says DELIVERED on Lowe’s website. Told that they can’t change that.
Nov 30: Told 3-7 days for refund for money snatched from my account AFTER the order was canceled.
Nov 30: Call took 34 minutes.

So far, Lowe’s told me an order shipped when it didn’t ship, told me I wouldn’t be charged, charged me $188.28 that they had no right to take, and told me that canceled orders appear as DELIVERED on their website.

The ONLY reason any of this was discovered was ME being proactive. Lowe’s, a company that made nearly $5 Billion in profit last year, will have had my money for between 10 and 14 days, when Lowes, a company that made nearly $5 Billion in profit last year, had NO right to take the money at all. Once the order was canceled (by Lowe’s), our transaction was complete. They had no right to take $188.28 from my account, and a good argument could be made that what Lowe’s did was theft. There is no justification to make me wait 3-7 days to get my money back that was improperly taken from me.

The problem is unresolved. It has taken 56 minutes total to get to this point, and I will not be receiving a ceiling fan.

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