Mitt Romney: No shot at the presidency

Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts, is running for president. He is going to lose, and I am going to tell you why.

I have a new theory for presidential politics. It goes something like this:

“If I haven’t met someone with the same first name as a candidate, the candidate will not win.”

It’s that simple.

I have never met anyone named “Mitt,” and my money says that you haven’t either.

Heading over to the Baby Name Voyager and plugging in “Mitt,” you’ll note a few things:

- The name “Mitt” does not register for boys.
- The name “Mittie,” as a girls name, peaked in popularity in or before the 1880s.
- The name “Mittie,” as a girls name, practically disappeared prior to the end of the 1940s.

“But his name is ‘Willard,’ not ‘Mitt’,” you say.

Who cares?!

He calls himself Mitt. His friends call him Mitt. His family calls him Mitt. His constituents call him Mitt. His colleagues call him Mitt.

His name is Mitt.

And he is going to lose because of it.


John McCain: No shot at the presidency

So John McCain is again running for president.

For those of you politics junkies (like me), you will recall that McCain lost the 2000 Republican nomination to our current president, then mostly unknown except to sports fans and reformed hard drinkers. McCain did fairly well, but second place is the same as last place in terms of a presidential nomination.

Now McCain again thinks he has a shot at winning the Republican nomination for president. For some reason he has convinced himself that enough people think he best represents the Republican party. Well, McCain is going to lose, and I’m going to tell you why.

I can sum it up with one word: AGE.

John McCain was born on August 29, 1936. That means that he is currently 70 years old. If he were to win the presidency, he would be 72 when he theoretically took office. That means that he would be 80 when he leaves office, or earlier if mother nature were to intervene. 80!

At the time of his inauguration he would be the oldest president ever to take the oath of office, beating Reagan by 3 years.

I think that America is well past the age of geriatric presidents.

We don’t want a president who is old enough to have grandchildren who are old enough to be president.

We don’t want a president who is one slip-and-fall, hip replacement, and infection away from Amendment the 25th.

We don’t want a president who has spent over two and a half decades in Washington with no breaks to live as a private citizen under the laws he has created.

Senator McCain, give it up. It is time to allow the sunset provision on your political career to take effect. Retire and enjoy the years you have left.

And do it now, while you still have a chance at retiring with dignity.


Why I Dislike Sean Hannity

Well, this post has been a long time coming. I just haven’t had enough time to get it down.

I dislike Sean Hannity. Let me first give Mr. Hannity some credit before I proceed to tell everyone why I dislike him.

If it weren’t for Sean Hannity, there would be no America’s Debate. See, Jaime and I used to like watching his show. We can’t really be blamed for that. There was a point where Hannity & Colmes was unique. Every show on cable news has not always had outspoken hosts who will belittle their guests into submission.

So, as “fans” of Hannity & Colmes, we checked out in our search for civil and constructive political debate. Man oh man, were we amazed at what we saw. Hannity– a man who claims to uphold values and morals both personally and politically– had a site that was full of profanity and full of racism. Remember, this was right after September 11, 2001– the Muslims were out to get us (sarcasm, don’t complain to me).

The very fact that Hannity allowed this crap on his website, and the very fact that his employers in both his television and radio show were fine with the content of his site was disgusting! Thank you Mr. Hannity for being as low as they go, allowing us to shine and grow as well as we have!

But that is not my contention with Mr. Hannity today. My problem with him today is that his skills of being “minimally observant” (as I like to call it) are gone.

Mr. Hannity always refers to the “mainstream media.” “Combating liberal bias in the mainstream media,” he likes to preach to his minions.

Mr. Hannity– YOU are the mainstream media. A good portion of the mainstream media bias is YOUR bias.

Mr. Hannity’s Bio:

Sean Hannity is a multi-media superstar, spending four hours every day
broadcasting in front of millions of American people on radio, television and the

He is the host of the The Sean Hannity Show, which is approaching 500 affiliates on
the ABC Radio Networks. He also co-hosts the highly successful Hannity & Colmes
on the FOX News Channel.

Moreover, Hannity’s website,, is among the most visited political
websites on the Internet with more than 20 million page views and 350,000 unique
visitors each month. Audio streams of The Sean Hannity Show average more than
190,000 unique listeners per month, making it among the most listened to Internet
broadcasts in the past year, according to Arbitron.

He is a three-time consecutive winner of Radio & Records National
Talk Show Host of The Year Award (2003, 2004 and 2005) as well as the National
Association of Broadcasting’s 2003 Marconi Award for Talk Show Host of the Year,
and the Talkers Magazine 2003 Freedom of Speech Award.

In addition to his “on-air” duties, Hannity is the best selling author, most recently, of
Deliver Us From Evil: Defeating Terrorism, Despotism, and Liberalism (Harper Collins/
Regan Books, 2004) which shot to #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list during
it’s first week and remained in first place for five straight weeks. Hannity’s critically
acclaimed first book, Let Freedom Ring: Winning the War of Liberty Over Liberalism
(Harper Collins/Regan Books, 2002) rode the New York Times bestseller list for
remarkable 17 weeks.

Let’s see.

500 affiliates for the radio show (he once claimed it was the “fastest growing show in radio,” and that is one instance where I am inclined to believe him).

#1 show in the timeslot on the #1 most watched cable news network.

#1 books on the best sellers list.

Mr. Hannity– how can you possibly consider yourself as anything but a part of the mainstream media? And if you are part of the mainstream media, what are you doing to combat your and the rest of the liberal republicans’ bias?

Saxby Chambliss Email Address

He likes you to use his web form so that he can route the email to the appropriate deletion folder. Don’t do that– use his real email address, which is:

I assume that this will work with all senators, such as Johnny Isakson:

If you want to have a lot of fun, make sure your email client is set to forward all email you mark as spam to your senators’ email addresses.

Good times will be had by all…